DualShock 4 Face Buttons Not Pressure-Sensitive; Change No Big Deal for MGS5

Gameranx: "The lack of pressure-sensitive buttons on the DualShock 4 is not as big a deal for Metal Gear Solid 5 as some say it is."

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CocoWolfie1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

I watched the final bossman on gt the other day and he talked about something interesting. he talked about mario and how for just a reason mario would fall asleep and dream if you waited. in another game you could fly up for no reason, you could even go to space with no time limit no invisible walls, just because they could. to me games have steered away from this, mgs1 had that psycomantic controller switching and it was so unique, i guess most mgs games have always offered something fresh and new no matter how small, i hope this one does that justice, just doesnt stick to the boundaries game are within these days :/

^ not so much related to the article, but yeah.. :)

fsfsxii1845d ago

Thing was a big deal when holding up an enemy and attempting to cqc him back in MGS2/3

KingKelloggTheWH1845d ago

Im still just hoping there is a mode at least without regenerating health, slow mo and being able to see enemies through walls.I don't want any of that in Metal Gear,those things have been implemented in other stealth games and they were worst for it. I don't know why they would add it to this.

Greysturm1845d ago

God i am so sick of people complaining about this,

Regenerating health was done brilliantly for both mgs3 and mgs4 so i dont understand why people still think it ruins the game.

Marking enemies is another thing that generates so much fuzz for no reason, its in no way worse than soliton ever was. Its the evolution of the sonar from mgs3 and the ring system of mgs4. Just because you can follow a few enemies you have spotted before doesnt give you omniscience like soliton did.

The only one i can understand is the slo mo thing and i am confident enough to bet that on the higher difficulties it will either be a really short window or be nonexistant.

I recommend we all wait until we try the implementation of the new mechanics before dismising them. Besides i trust kojima more on what game mechanics works and which doesnt that the community that bought more copies of mgs2 than mgs3.

Omar911845d ago

If you watched the Gameplay video for MGS5 you'll notice that the regenerating system in the game is different then previous installments. I agree with your comment about MGS games had a great regenerating he alt system but the difference is MGS5 has a call of duty/gears of war/ (insert any other FPS game here) system where the screen turns red each time you get hit and gradually goes back to normal when you are not getting hit while previous MGS games has a semi regenerating health system. You rarely got to full health unless you just stood there for a long period of time and even then it would depend on how your stamina was. This is just MGS3 i'm talking about, I don't even think MGS2 gave you full health when standing still only until it got green. So I ranted on with a full winded explanation but I just had to lol

KingKelloggTheWH1845d ago

The health regen in MGS3/4 is Nothing like it is in this one, just go watch the gameplay trailers, its not good. This is the same exact crap they pulled with games like Hitman and SplinterCell and both are far worse off for it.

MGS should be a leader in the genre, not a follower.

InTheLab1845d ago

It is a big deal though. Maybe not for this game but no pressure sensitives buttons...they might as well call it something other than Dualshock.

MethCupcakes1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

NO PRESSURE SENSE? WTF? what if I wanted to Jog in GTA 6 or only jump a lil in LBP3? or only go a certain speed in racing games? All ps controls are pressure sensitive(PSP/VITA included) so why stop now?

Yodagamer1845d ago

The reasoning behind it is very few games supported it and it decreases latency as less data has to be processed. Racers should be on the shoulders and platformers have judged jumping without them for years. I think the pluses are worth the negatives.
PSP and vita didn't include them btw and clearly you didn't notice.

Baka-akaB1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Pressure senstitive stuff wasnt even in LBP . It was just a matter of how long you press , not the same thing .

Why stop now ? because it was sadly a widely unused feature , even on ps2 and almost extinct on ps3 .

Shakengandulf1845d ago

The only game i remember using it for was GT5 and i prefer the triggers to accelerate anyway. Kinda glad they removed this, wont miss it.

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