The Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut on the Wii U improves the game in all the right ways

PA - "I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The conversations Adam Jensen, security expert for a biotechnology company, has with his girlfriend about the work being done at Sarif Industries do a wonderful job of setting the stage for everything that comes next. There is much good to be done by fusing our bodies with cybernetic augmentations, but the applications for warfare are much more profitable."

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Chupa-Chupa1819d ago

Yup the game does shine on the Wii U. Played a little under 3 hours last night and it's a winner.

gedden71819d ago

How about improving the price to the other versions..

zeal0us1819d ago

Stop whining about your $50 price tag and suck it up.

PopRocks3591817d ago

Get real. It's not fair to Wii U owners that the EXACT SAME product is charged $20 more on their preferred console.

zeal0us1817d ago

Well I got to pay $30 for my version while some people on pc can get theirs for $10 or $5. So 360 and PS3 owners are paying $20-$25 EXACT SAME product. I will just suck it up pay the $30 and keep it moving.

PopRocks3591817d ago

Correction, you bought the game when it was newer. This is a glorified GOTY edition being sold for $20 less than on Wii U. It's the exact same product.

So yeah, Wii U owners have every right to be frustrated.

Venox20081819d ago

in Europe price is alright, in usa..hmm, gues you ll have to wait for a price drop (still strange management decision in usa)

Whymii1818d ago

At $41.99, Ozgameshop has the Wii u version only $6 more than PS3 or 360 ($35.99). Not bad really, I may pick it up after I finish Wind Waker.

wishingW3L1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

PC gamers are ranting on Steam's forum because the game looks worse than the original and because of that they want it for free. They loved the yellowish filter. Some are even saying the models are of lower resolution. XD

porkChop1819d ago

I'm surprised that there isn't an option to restore the gold filter.

Dante811819d ago

WiiU owners, buy this game. It's the definitive version and a great example of a 3rd party game on the system.

lilbroRx1817d ago

We'll buy it with they price is fairly.

Realplaya1818d ago

It sucks I can't get it for 3 weeks sucks but that will be a great christmas present.

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