Battlefield 4 “Test Range” practice mode sneak peek

Battlefield 4 “Test Range” practice mode sneak peek

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LOL_WUT1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Finally I can get a nice take off. ;)

AgentSmithPS41823d ago

Great, right after I get a share button I won't have many hilarious noob heli takeoffs to capture.

Beastforlifenoob1823d ago

I just wish there was a 'bots' mode like Black ops 1 &2

ATi_Elite1822d ago

Thank You DICE you are TEH BEst!

N0obs including myself will put in many hours in Test Range learning to Fly.

Nothing worse than some IDIOT trying to fly for the FIRST time and totally messing up a GG.

I'm more of a ground and pound guy but I think in BF4 I will take to the skies more.......then again maybe not because I love shooting down Choppers and low flying jets with an RPG.

Schizoid1823d ago

very nice... I will be using this alot probably.

PhantomT14121823d ago

That's what lacked in BF3. I mean, how are you supposed to get better at flying if you can rarely get to the damn planes, and the only times you can, you get quickly shot down by a veteran pilot or a missile? Not to mention the useless pseudo flying mission in the campaign.

PsylentKiller1823d ago

How about when the aircraft is laced with c4 and then detonated when your 3 feet off the ground? I tried a few times to pilot a jet or chopper but quickly realized I sucked. I never piloted a vehicle if there were better pilots on my team. I would have liked more time to learn. It's difficult when you want to learn to fly but also want to win the game. You look at the tickets and go "there's enough lives for me to mess around and try to fly, right?" Meanwhile, your team is getting demolished and has only one flag captured.