Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Launch Date Announced / New Screenshots Released

Put on your Scouters and get your Super Saiyan Hair dos ready! NAMCO BANDAI Games America today announces that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will officially launch on January 28th, 2014 in the Americas for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita (digital only).

This newest chapter of the much loved Dragon Ball Z series of video games takes-on the classic Dragon Ball Z manga look with its clean/sharp lines and vivid colors; creating a much more stylized look and feel to all your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters and environments.

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Unreal011871d ago

I was quite excited for this game, thinking finally a decent HD Dragon Ball Z game only to be disappointed by the absence of transformations in it. Why would you take transformations out? Silly silly decision.

MegaRay1871d ago

So no super saiyans? Isnt it enough that it doesnt have local battle mode

Unreal011871d ago

Yeah, there are super saiyins. Just no in-battle transformations, so you'd have to start the fight in super saiyin and cannot change. Very lame.