God of War Dev "Loves Some of the Stuff" in Ryse: Son of Rome - Crytek

"Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome has been criticized for many things - using "only" a 900p resolution, an abundance of QTEs in its E3 debut presentation; the controversy over crunching periods in development - but one thing the developer has never been worried about is being compared to God of War."

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xHeavYx1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Title should be "Crytek producer says "GOW people like some of our stuff""

The same thing? You are totally wrong, if you read the article, he says
"I’ve talked to a lot of the God of War guys too and they love some of the stuff we’ve created"

Xsilver1846d ago

then it would be accurate.

gameseveryday1846d ago

It means the same thing:

God of War Dev "Loves Some of the Stuff" in Ryse: Son of Rome - Crytek

Crytek - God of War Dev "Loves Some of the Stuff" in Ryse: Son of Rome

The hypen is the differentiator and indicates that the comment is coming from Crytek.

Angels37851846d ago

Obviously not...look at how Kuse is taking it below. Or that could be his mindless fanboyism changing his perception.

UltimateMaster1846d ago

Crytek producer Michael Read stated that:
“The guys on the development team are big fans of God of War.
I’ve talked to a lot of the God of War guys too and they love some of the stuff we’ve created. We definitely love some of the stuff they’ve created.

Their combat system is much different, it’s a faster pace than what we have, with a lot of combos and wacky stuff going on.
We’re a more slowed-down melee combat system. But there’s a lot of praise going back and forth and we’re very aware of each other’s games.”

JokesOnYou1846d ago

Of course all devs praise their own games more but but most are not fanboys....intelligent people dont get whete they are by not having respect for other professionals in their respective business.

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Funantic11846d ago

God Of War took most of it's gameplay ideas from Onimusha by Capcom. Look it up if you doubt.

GTgamer1846d ago

Okayyyy so whats your point :/

kratos_TheGoat1846d ago

funantic1 can't take away the fact that god of war is a better series then onimusha

UltimateMaster1846d ago

It's more towards the like of the Original Devil May Cry.

Those games were badass.

Thegamer411846d ago

Doesn't matter who done it first, its who does it better that matters to normal people.

thebudgetgamer1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I think it was more that Rygar game than Onimusha. Here it is.

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scott1821846d ago

Holy crap, I can't wait for another God of War. It's going to be amazing.

christocolus1846d ago


fanboys aint really bad for the industry but a certain few like you nitpick over very irrelevant things, i read the article and im glad both devs love each others work..must you find a fault in every positive xbx article?.only people like you would make a fuss over such trivial issues....anyways im a fan of ssm and the god of war series and im glad ssm is happy with ryse...getting it day one

xHeavYx1846d ago

I may be a fanboy, but a quick look to your comments show me that you are part of the Xbox Defense team

christocolus1846d ago

say all you like dude..i love the xbox one iv never been scared to say that out loud but unlike most of you i dont go to ps articles bashing sony or running down their articles,or nit picking ..ive actually had meaningful arguments with many ps fans on this site and sometimes im glad to hear their opinions.i will get a ps4 when infamous launches if you went snooping through my comments you would have seen that too.but ill be getting it then to play and enjoy the games not nitpick and compare like some of you.

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Kuse1846d ago

Well well well...How the tables have turned...

Angels37851846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Why don't you read the article....the title is super misleading. They have mutual respect for each others work like artists should. Unlike you who is trying to make it seem like the legendary god of war devs are looking up to ryse.

Kuse1846d ago

They have respect for each other and the fact that the God of War Dev's love some of the stuff that Crytek is doing....stop downplaying it, Greatness Awaits on the Xbox One.

Angels37851846d ago

Nobody is downplaying it. Your first comment was shedding light on only half of the facts.

stuna11846d ago


You're right! This is nothing more than mutual respect. Kind of like when a father tells a son well done. Crytek is one of the kings on PCs, but Santa Monica is one of the kings on consoles.

Tontus1846d ago

I really hope Ryse is great, only God of War is keeping the genre alive at the moment. We need another huge hack 'n slash series to inspire confidence within the games industry that games in the h&s genre can still be hugely successful even if it's not a God of War game.

Belking1846d ago

"only God of War is keeping the genre alive at the moment"

DMC and bayonetta says hi. No other game in the genre can touch Bayonetta's combo system is.

kratos_TheGoat1846d ago

hahahaha both of them flop, combine all the money for dmc and Bayonetta games and still won't match the total sales of god of war series. So god of war is keeping the series alive. by winning game of the year who offer gorgeous story and amazing intense action gameplay..

Tontus1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Then why did they both flop? Those games don't exactly inspire confidence amongst developers and publishers that h&s games can still be successful, do they now?

GoW is keeping the genre alive because devs/pubs look at the critical & commercial success of GoW III, averaging 93% + selling over 6 million units and think 'wow h&s games can still be successful', which is why almost every h&s game nowadays is at least a little inspired by the GoW series.

Hell, even though God of War: Ascension 'only' averaged 81% it will still outsell the bestselling DMC (4) on all platforms combined within 2 years vs 7+ years. It has already outsold every hack 'n slash game released since GoW3, does that sound like a healthy genre to you that could thrive without GoW?

Without GoW AAA h&s games would be dead.

Also I don't really like Bayonetta's combat system, too frantic & flashy for me and I never really feel in total control.

XboxFun1846d ago

You should check out Killer is Dead. Great hack n slash game, only problem was it was a little too short.

HappyWithOneBubble1846d ago

I agree. DMC and Ninja Gaiden fallen off to me. Bayonetta and Castlevania can keep the genre going. GOW is the best h&s ever. I think Heavenly Sword will return and take over when GOW franchise ends.

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cactusjack1846d ago

i bet they like the

FANTA11801846d ago

god of war devs are the king of qte's .... they own that throne.

Army_of_Darkness1846d ago

Darn right! Cause they know how to do it the best!

strigoi8141846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Agree to that coz they know when is the right time to breathe in and exhale to allow your heart to pump blood to the vessels to go to your brain and fingers to quickly execute enemies in goreeey beautiful death

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