AMD: End All GPU Slavery, All Processors Equal - Heterogeneous Queuing is Red's Answer to GSync

AMD has unveiled its answer to Nvidia G Sync, Heterogeneous Queuing. With Hq, AMD aims to eliminate the fundamental flaw in the CPU-GPU work chain and make both processors equal in more ways than one.

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codelyoko1823d ago

Nvidia can make its own HQ but AMD cant roll out new G Sync since its in hardware form :P

ATi_Elite1823d ago

I got EXTREMELY EXCITED as soon as I seen Ray Tracing!

Ray Tracing is almost here, I can feel it. Gaming is about to take a Quantum Leap.

This new architecture is good. Eliminate bottlenecks, eliminate CPU giving orders when the Program itself should be able to just speak directly to the GPU!

kingduqc1823d ago

This has nothing to do with monitor refresh hertz, how it has anything to do with G sync...

codelyoko1823d ago

Its more the timing. PR wise AMD was at a loosing side with G Sync Hype. They had to come up with Something. Anything. PR :P

Somebody1823d ago

I was puzzled too. The title hyped about a G-Sync killer but the article is more about AMD's push for its existing line of hardware, the APU. Not much of an "answer to" when this is pretty much what AMD have been trying to push onto gamers for the past couple of years.

Axonometri1823d ago

I would choose the option that fixes the issue without having to add or modify existing hardware.

Deividas1823d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. G-Sync is sweet and all but I already have a 27' LED Monitor, Im not going to be going out an paying $300+ for another one just to have this feature. Good option though for the people looking to buy new Hardware or replace their old ones.

Maxor1823d ago

Yeah whatever AMD. I'm going to buy the R9 290X for it's price and performance, not for it's fancy features because I know it's an AMD card. In other words, the fancy tech are just bunch marketing gimicks that either doesn't work or are inferior to Nvidia offerings.

There's a reason why Nvidia simply cost more, their tech are well implemented and fully supported. Case in point, to this day SLI is still better than Crossfire.