Grand Theft Auto Online Update 10/25

Rockstar writes: "Thank you to everyone for joining in GTA Online throughout this first month of its release, for all of your awesome Online Snapmatic pics and Crew videos that we’ve spotted, for your patience and understanding as we’ve been working through the initial teething issues of launching an online experience like this"

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xHeavYx1817d ago

I wonder if the beach bum pack will be DLC (more likely) or just available to buy with in-game cash

xHeavYx1817d ago

Good, now they should talk about the IFruit app on Android

hay1813d ago

They mentioned every DLC will be free. Money will be made on buying imaginary dolars with your(or parents) real work.
I'd expect DLC to be free, but cost significant in-game cashiola.

creeping judas1817d ago

Just please make sure I dont loose another character. I lost a level 30 character last Saturday when they had server issues. Made a 2nd character in the 2nd slot, and that fella is up to level 19 now. I am just afraid of loosing him too. They are like children, and it hurts an awful lot when you loose them!! Well more like pets, not children, but the loss still hurts.

Zancruz1817d ago

Don't play when they're having server issues, that's the quickest and most common way to lose your character. A few tips i use to keep from losing another character, IF you can't connect on the first try don't keep hitting the retry button, Load Story mode and play that or something else till servers are working. Always load Story Mode fully before going Online, Always go back to Story mode after finishing your Online session. Pray to the Gaming Gods for your characters well being and safe return.... :)

creeping judas1815d ago

Thanks Zan, +bubbles to you good sir!!

Zancruz1817d ago

Damn you Rockstar! How dare you give us Free DLC in November! Trying to keep us from going Next Gen! Even though I believe I remember reading all DLC was supposed to be free, That doesn't matter! F you and your game! No I just kidding Rockstar I luvs ya, Even though we had some bumps in the road... Now can I please get a bigger garage to put all my new vehicles in? Pretty Please.... :)

hankmoody1817d ago

God, the whiners on the Rockstar boards are even worse than the worst I've seen on the N4G boards. What a bunch of entitled pricks!

ZBlacktt1817d ago

Played 3 hours last night. This game is done so bad please god hurry up PS4. It's like you gain no money. Do missions, buy more bullets and armor break even.... Like spinning your wheels, lol. Then no $500k until the bugs are fixed? Awh, lord knows that's going to be awhile... nice Q&A testing. Anyway, the game was pretty dead last night. I would end up in lobbies worlds all by myself at times. Or maybe 2, 3 other people. About to hit level 24 and it feels like it's taken forever, lol.

Zancruz1817d ago

I agree low level mission are pointless to do, But you might be doing something wrong... Normally I can get about $100,000 an hour. I get around $24,000 from selling cars, $75,000 from missions & races and the rest from robbing stores.

IF you're on the PS3, You can run with us to make some money...

ZBlacktt1817d ago

Oh WOW, then yes, just playing the game and doing missions with randoms has to be wrong. Because I'm not seeing that kind of money at all. I rob a store I get avg $1400 to $1500 each time. Yes, I'm on the PS3. :)


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