DCUO Game Update 31 Graphics Comparison Video and Screens

SOE has put out a before and after video for DC Universe Online that details the graphical improvements to the game’s world that will be patched with game update 31. This update will go live this November in time for the game’s debut on the PS4, hence the need for a graphical overhaul.

Head on down past the break to check out a few screen captures of some of the game's most visited locations, and what they'll look like after game update 31.

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JimmyLmao1846d ago

Wow. pretty big difference. The devs did well!
looking forward to trying this game out for free on PS4 on day 1 =)


This will make me jump back in. Hurry up Nov 15th!!!

cyntell1846d ago

Dcuo online is the only reason I am getting a PS4 on launch day. It may not look pretty but I have a lot of fun playing it. Hopefully they fix the issues plaguing the ps3 version. Sound cutoffs, framerate, etc.

Skate-AK1846d ago

Oh they will. That was all just hardware limitations. The PS4 version is running 1080p/60fps so framerate shouldn't be an issue. I hated all the pop-ins the game had so I can't wait to play it how it was envisioned.

MisfitsInc1846d ago

wow that looks A LOT better.

ABeastNamedTariq1846d ago

I promised myself I'm going to get into this and actually play with people instead of just flying around. Gonna download it on launch day.