Is Assassin's Creed dead?

Does Ubisoft have any new ideas left when it comes to the Assassin's Creed franchise?

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Mikelarry1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

AC brotherhood was my last venture into the franchise i just got burnt out. i am really sad as i can remember when jade raymond presented this game at e3 i was so excited and said to myself this would be my replacement to pop series.

another thing that has put me off the ac game is that before it was all about stealthy kills and keeping to shadows now everyone and their granmas know who the assassin is.

i enjoyed it when it was a secret war between the Templar and the assassins now you see the assassins in the new installment casually drinking with other npcs in his assassins gear you would think one of the templars would be like " i know your face and where you live you ass is mine tonight"

i don't intend to buy another AC game but i will follow the story on wiki and you-tube videos (thanks to rajman gaming)

DragonKnight1822d ago

Agreed. The series itself isn't dead, but the original premise died a long time ago, and any semblance of what once made the series great is on life support now.

My favourite is, and always will be, AC1. I know that AC2 is a better game technically, but AC1 is my favourite because it's my favourite setting and feels a lot more like Assassin's vs. Templars than the other games do. Maybe it's because it's the most simplistic of all the games, maybe it's because Altair is my favourite Assassin due to his stoic and serious nature, or maybe it's all of it. Assassin's Creed Revelations was an unnecessary game (Brotherhood was as well, but less so than Revelations), AC3 was (in my opinion) the worst of the series after they made you give playing as Haytham Kenway, and Black Flag feels like a pirate game with an AC game tacked on to it.

They need to go back to the roots, get rid of the ridiculous Animus, Piece of Eden, Alien technology B.S. background story, and just make a game that's Assassin's vs. Templars like the first game.

I'd love to see either a Skyrim like Open world AC game (not the RPG elements of Skyrim, just the scope), or a kind of online version of AC where you take on missions in different areas of the world and other Assassin players can help you co-op, or Templar players can try to stop you.

But AC right now is far too removed from what it was originally.

mikeslemonade1822d ago

It's as dead as COD. Meaning the sales will decline. AC is just isn't the "it" game anymore.

I for one was able to see past the smoke and mirrors and got tired of the series since AC1.

DragonKnight1822d ago

It's nothing like CoD and don't try to equate your lack of interest in the series (which is fine) with having some kind of insight into its future and knowing how everything was going to be. You just didn't like AC1 so you didn't like the series, simple as that.

mikeslemonade1821d ago

I liked AC1. I had respect for what it was. They didn't push the envelope further since then. They kept shoving an upgrade here and their.

If they waited 4 years and released AC3 then I would say hell yea. But they had to nickel dime crap out every year.

iplay1up21823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

No AC is not dead, but I can tell you what is. The articles making rediculous comments or asking stupid questions whether a certain game or console is dead. Over and over again, the stupid question. Is (insert game/console name) dead. I am not kidding there must be 20 articles a week with this headline. Could the people writing this crap at least change the headlines up a bit???????????????

Goro1823d ago

Ubisoft need to give Assassin's Creed a break for about 3-4 years and go back to PoP (Imagine a next-gen open world PoP).
Then when they go back to AC in a few years it will be appreciated a lot more.

DEEBO1823d ago

Or they can make one set in japan with ninjas and samurai's.

NukaCola1822d ago

I want this as well but not as an AC title. I want an open world action RPG game as a wandering samurai.

DEEBO1822d ago

Way of the samurai was a game something like you just described.

Goro1822d ago

I'm playing WoTS4 Right now

NukaCola1822d ago

I absolutely loved Way of the Samurai but want something fresh and nextgen.

-Foxtrot1822d ago

Same but then again I wanted a Pirate game and instead of creating a new IP they decided to tack it onto AC and infuse Pirate stuff into the story.

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ZBlacktt1823d ago

Go look at the pre orders for AC4 on all the systems it's on. People may have thought AC3 was not that good at all. But looks like it didn't stop them from pre ordering AC4.

lsujester1822d ago

Well, the Connor part of the ACIII was the weak link to me. His character and motivations were a bit lacking. The game itself I didn't mind.

I loved the naval battles, which is the main reason I'm getting ACIV. Looks like there will be a lot more of that.

HugoDrax1822d ago

It's a great series that peaked at Brotherhood, which was amazing in my opinion. I have finished playing....

2-AC 2
3-AC Brotherhood
4-skipped Revelations because I was in grad school lol

5-Currently been playing AC III since June, and the game has it's fun moments. It can be dull/dry at times, I hate trying to shoot my gun, I hate running through the frontier, I hate hunting, but I LOVE the Naval battles :-). The deciding factor on why I'll pickup ACIV once I finish KILLZONE, RYSE, and Dead Rising 3. Guess it will be a next gen Christmas present to myself, as I continue to try and finish off my back catalog before the years end.

Happy gaming!

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