All Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Maps Previewed

MP1st - Having gotten some hands-on time with the game thanks to publisher Electronic Arts, a number of YouTube personalities have recently published brand new footage of Battlefield 4 on a handful of previously unseen multiplayer maps.


Map preview videos have been removed from original source but spotted on another YouTube channel. Fixed embeds in article.

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unprotected1844d ago

Why do all BF maps look lame?

3-4-51844d ago

Do you look at games or play them? BF maps almost always play very good. Some better than others.

Maps looks awesome. Better than BF3

Skate-AK1844d ago

Yeah. Idk what that guy is watching. These maps look 2x better than the ones for BF3.

KwietStorm1844d ago

Because you don't play the game.

venom061844d ago

wow... this guy really need his eyes examined, or lay off the liquor..

xxxsiegezzz1843d ago

There seem to be more medium/large sized maps than bf3.
I like that