Why Rocksteady's next Batman game can't be a Silver Age prequel

OXM UK - "If there's but one thing that I can be said to bring to the OXM team, it's my passable knowledge of comic books and comic book lore. As a result of the release of Batman: Arkham Origins' release today (catch up with my review here) I've been reading back on the site's previous comic book-related coverage and giggling to myself with the sort of self-satisfied smugness only comic book nerds can muster."

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dirigiblebill1844d ago

As long as they're making another Batman game...

LarVanian1844d ago

If anything, I'm certain that they will make a next-gen sequel to Arkham City in which the whole (or at least most) of Gotham will be explorable. They left so many side-plots in AC open for a reason..

OhReginald1844d ago

definetly. so many to spot. Hush, Azreal, and so many more to be in the arkham city sequel. Metropolis was mentoined in arkham city, so many superman will make an apperance.

PixelNinja1844d ago

I have always thought that Origins was just a fill game by WB before Rocksteady release a next gen arkham game.
Even if Rocksteady are not working on the franchise any more I still cannot wait for what they have in store.

Harpers_Ferry1844d ago

Hopefully they get this right, because WB releasing Origins puts a lot of pressure on Rocksteady with the next game. If they don't manage to get beyond "Another one of those Batman games" you will likely see a lot of fatigue from some fans.

They've done good work so far, so I think they can pull it off. Although, I would have loved to see them take on another comic book character, be it DC, Marvel, or otherwise.

XboxFun1844d ago

Can we get a Superman game, or Green Lantern...or Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle...Flash anything but another Batman!

I love the Batman games but there needs to be another franchise DC and WB can turn into greatness.

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