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Even when a Batman game isn't very good, it's still pretty good.

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cbuc11251818d ago

7.8 is decent but nowhere near the scores of the last two games. Who didnt see this coming a long time ago?

NukaCola1818d ago

It's not bad but it's not fair to the game. This title is getting ripped just because Rocksteady isn't doing it. The game is an improvement but still gets crapped on. Sad to see bad media when no one is finding fault other than "lack of innovation" which COD and a buttload of other games get excused for all the time.

arronax-11814d ago

Keep in mind that these are the exact same people that gave MW3 a 9/10.

AAWELLS091818d ago

I thought to me that its just as good as the previous two. What is it that people aren't liking about it? Just curious.

THE-COMMANDER1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

They don't like it just because rocksteady is not involved.

In my opinion the game is absolutely amazing.

Pintheshadows1818d ago

I agree entirely. They are looking for faults as it is not Rocksteady and I have said before that that is an insult to WB Montreal who have done sterling work. This is just as good as Rocksteady's efforts and in some areas it is actually a huge improvement. Better boss fights, a story that fits the open world better and is excellent, superior side activities, great implementation of puzzles, subtle visual flairs, and tweeks to numerous gameplay elements.

If COD gets a free ticket for its lack of innovation then how is it fair for this game which improves in so many areas to be marked down as it is more of the same. It is stupid.

Fairchild Channel F1818d ago


I agree with everything you said above and below. WBM was really damned if they did, damned if they don't. If they would have changed things people would bitch. "They completely destroyed everything Rocksteady did"!! If they keep it the same, people will bitch. This is just coping Rocksteady"!! But they will turn around and applaud COD every year for doing nothing new. SAD.

I've been playing it since Tuesday. If you like the Arkham games then it's just more of a good thing. Combat is very much the same, like slipping into a comfortable pair of shoes. Little things have been actually improved like the detective/crime stuff. Boss fights are also better IMO. I also like how it grades your fights. My only complaint is the multilayer which I feel is unnecessary like many games.

AAWELLS091818d ago

You summed it up pretty well i think.

CanadianTurtle1818d ago

Wow, its 2013 and people still care about IGN's reviews? These are the kind of reviewers that nitpick on the smallest little things that nobody notices.

I only look at their reviews for the gameplay footage. I literally muted the sound and just watched the video.

Dunban671818d ago

I have read several reviews that have given between 70-80 review scores but when I read the reviews the game sounds great - I have not seen anything in a review yet that makes the game sound like it is "less than" the previous games- They basically say the game is bigger and in many ways better than previous but di not innovate enough-

But if you have a good foundation there is no need to go over the top on innovating since it is only the 3rd game in the series - so I don t really get it-

The reviews content make me want to buy it but the scores/conclusion say don t be in a hurry- I will buy it sooner rather than later though

Seems like a lot "of me too" reviews

Pintheshadows1818d ago

And I bet if WB Montreal had innovated it the same journalists would slag the game off for being too different compared to the Rocksteady Arkham games. Origins is just as good, and in many many ways it is an improvement.

I think story wise it is far superior to City as it lends itself to an open world game. That to me is one of the things Origins has over City. City's story was always urgent which made messing about feel like it was drawing focus. Here however Batman is the focal point of the story. He is being hunted and every criminal in the city knows it so it feels more apt when you stop to beat the living crap out of them.

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