NBA 2K14 Releases New Screens of Cover Athlete LeBron, Other NBA Superstars and Game Mode Highlights

Today 2K has released all new PS4 next-gen screenshots of NBA 2K14 featuring cover athlete LeBron James, as well as other NBA superstars such as OKC Thunder’s Kevin Durant, LA Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and Miami Heat’s Ray Allen.

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ajames3471844d ago

Seriously, that looks amazing.

badboy7761844d ago

Lets Compare these Graphics to Beyond Two Souls!

iceman061844d ago

Their facial scanning is awesome. Plus, they have done a LOT of the players in person. Even the less noticed players look good this time around.

tcozzens1844d ago

What if they are able to use the kinect/eye to pull you into the game like Rainbow Six Vegas? I'd be super pumped!

Deividas1844d ago

The graphic portion is incredible. The gameplay i heard is reallyy similar to the current gen version, which isnt a good thing. I hate the new right stick ball control stuff. Terrible, still a buy for me though! Cant wait to see what they can do with 2K15 when they really get a handle on the next gen stuff

ajames3471844d ago

That's disappointing on the gameplay side of things. Hopefully 2K15 will feature more gameplay upgrades.

SKYVVLKR1844d ago

Whoever designed Kevin Durant needs a new pair of glasses.

aLiEnViSiToR1844d ago

Did not know KD35 had virtual plastic surgery O_o

JRH77831844d ago

Looks amazing to me... I showed my son the OMG trailer and he was like "Oh, they sweat now?" Then he said "That's fake, my sweat drips when i'm hooping" LOL... Gotta love the kids!!

Got me wondering, does the sweat drip or actually run down the players bodies like real sweat or does it just appear and stick to the players? Guess i'll see in a few weeks.