What You Need to Know - Upgrade Your PS4 Hard Drive

Are you thinking that 500GB won’t be sufficient now that it sounds like game installs will be mandatory? HIt the link and find out what you'll need to upgrade the hard drive in your new PS4, and get links to specific drives that will meet all of the criteria.

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Mikelarry1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

i am saving to get 2TB for next gen although 500gb is a good start but with downloads clocking in at 50gb i feel i will run out of space to quick especially with the awesome games the offer on psnplus. i have had to add items to my queue so that i dont miss on them when they are taken out of rotation.

Sci0n1871d ago

question why is everyone under the impression that every digital PS4 game will be 50 GB as the minimum? Did Sony mention something about digital DL PS4 game size that I missed?

kayoss1871d ago

It's smarter to be prepared then be sorry later. Sony never mentioned anything but if launched games are any indication games will be getting bigger once developers start using the console at its full potential. If you look at current gen God of War ascension clocked in at 72gb. Sony and Microsoft knew physical media are not going away anytime soon and I think it won't go away for the next 5-7 years.

EL Lanf1871d ago

I'm pretty sure no PC game I've ever had has reached nearly 50gb, 25gb at most and they need to cater for more setups.You're looking at a 6-12GB average. Wasn't part of the large blu-ray capacity actually used to repeat the data on the disc to make up for the low-read times? That's unnecessary with a HDD install...

Take it from a PC gamer, 500gb (realistically a bit less)should be plenty unless you want every game you ever buy or get, to be installed.

iceman061871d ago

So far, Killzone and CoD have both come in at around that amount. GG has said that they can eventually reduce that, but for now it is what it is. Plus, as Kayoss stated, it's better to be prepared if it's truly a concern.

jmc88881871d ago

500GB's isn't enough. But it's enough for the first year or so.

Most people will have no problem deleting a couple games here or there that they've beat...or say CoD: MW4 comes out, they can delete Ghosts. BF5 comes out...delete BF4.

Then lots of people will be heavily into indie games, which won't take up a ton of space.

I really feel if you only want to buy 1 HD for the generation, you're going to want a 2TB one. But from what I see the only reasonable 2.5" HD's are 1-1.5 TB's. (and even then the 1TB costs as much as most of the 2TB 3.5" HD's I've bought over the last few years)

Also physical media isn't going away anytime soon. They're working on discs that hold hundreds of gigs.

So I'll probably wait for a 2 TB at a decent cost and then just deal with having to redownload/reinstall a few games and take the hit once. But who knows, a month from now the xmas sales will start, and if I can get a 1.5 TB for cheap, I may just settle on that.

It's a problem, but not too big, and an expected one.

R6ex1871d ago

Killzone was initially 290GB before being optimized for 40GB.

I'll wait for new 2TB 2.5 inches drives before upgrading.

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BabyTownFrolics1871d ago

is there a significant decrease in load time if you load a 7200rpm hd, what about heat?

anyone do this on the ps3, what was your experience.

cyntell1871d ago

I haven't had any problems. Tell you the truth, I don't really know if there was a huge difference with load times.

Homegamer1871d ago

The only difference in load times that I've noticed is between hdd and ssd, so I guess if your into digital I would go with ssd because install times and loading up can be faster but for some games the difference in minuscule, but the trade off is that ssd cost more and has less space while the hdd can up to 3 tb I think

FunAndGun1871d ago

I would only use a 5400rpm HDD as that is the official speed of the stock HDD. I know people have used 7200rpm without problems in the PS3 however.

Conzul1871d ago

I use an SSHD in my ps3. 8gbSSD/750gbHDD. Love the hell out of it. Increases system responsiveness, cuts install times in half, and reduces loading screen times significantly (the latter only for pure digital installs).

You know the pollen spores that float around in The Last of Us loading screens? Well in my digital copy they only have about four seconds to burst out and float around before the load is done.

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TRD4L1fe1871d ago

does switching out your hard drive void the warrenty?

ssj271871d ago

well I guess I will have to adapt to the 500mb..
I will not get many games anyways! in the first year's.
PS Plus will make me download games but I will have to delete many and just keep the best.

I guess in a year or two if my ps4 does not die I will install a 2tb in it.

Sci0n1871d ago

well yea you would pretty much have to DL every PS plus title available in the first few months, including the titles that are dated ports or games you aren't interested plus DL every launch game to fill a 500 GB drive. Unless you plan to horde games including many you will never play you don't need a 2TB drive. I have a gaming PC as well with the whole steam library which has over 2000 titles and I get by just fine with a 500 GB HD why? because I don't intend on downloading all 2000+ games because im not interested in every game even if they are free. I have a 80 GB launch PS3 and I never filled my HD and I have loads of games like 10 digital and 30 disc copies. You will be good with 500 GB.

SonyStyled1871d ago

launch ps3's where 20 and 60gb models. if urs is 80 u got a second gen model. i have a launche 60gb thats HDD is about maxed out. i think ill be fine with 500gb. at least i would hope

SuperBlur1871d ago

whats your profile link , i want to see your 2000 games library

Sci0n1871d ago

Yea also say you are a PS Plus subscriber and you are a horder you can go DL crazy and every game you DL will be backed up on the cloud server there for you can adjust your games library to your liking without having to worry about space. You want games in your digital rotation its simple just go to the cloud since you already broke the seal on them and redownload it. Not playing a game much anymore because you completed it bump it off your HD to the cloud, you will still always own it.

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