Xbox One and PS4 to ship 5-6 million this year

Baird analyst gives Microsoft's console the edge during launch window, expects shortages of both

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Convas1824d ago

Good, hopefully they'll be available for Christmas, so I can just want into a store and walk out with one.

Lalanana1824d ago

Ryse son of rome and battlefield 4 I preordered. I will get a ps4 in a year no doubt.

glad to see so many sales for these consoles.

harrisk9541824d ago

Based upon your comment history and trolling, I highly doubt that.

Lalanana1824d ago

@harrisk954 Thanks for looking at my comments harrisk954. I am proud of you. :-)

On a side note, doubt it all you want :-)

DeadManV1824d ago

and if they drop the price of the xbone, i will buy that next year.

Volkama1824d ago

I was dead set on getting a PS4 in February (when Second Son comes out) but I may put it back a few months in favour of a couple of R9 290s as it looks like the new year will be a great time buy those.

Stuff to buy all over the place, fun times ahead :D

Pogmathoin1823d ago

@harris... Getting both, hope they do great, but I love games, not the maker.... Check my comments too... Full of sarcasm, smack, bs, everything you want is there... But if you have something better to do......

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SilentNegotiator1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

You will be able to. Every launch they make a big deal out of how hard a game console will be to get and every time they produce plenty.

Wow, 5-6 million. If that's true, Wii U will probably be in last place in two months time, with a year lead.

Evil_Abed1824d ago

I'm looking forward to next gen. The game I want to play the most is Quantum Break on the Xbox One, followed very closely by Watch Dogs.

I of course also want to find out what happens next on Halo after that epic campaign that Halo 4 was. On the multiplayer front, I will wat for BFBC3.

Great times up ahead for all sorts of gamers.

DeadManV1824d ago

im really looking forward to infamous second son primarily

BG115791824d ago

Wait, what?! The analist is giving the edge to the Xbone??
Hasn't this guy seen the pre-orders numbers?

The Meerkat1824d ago

Someone has been drinking green Kool Aid.

BG115791824d ago

Yeah, but I'm wandering who was the fool that hired him as an analyst.

Pogmathoin1823d ago

Ohhh analyst... You had me thinking off other webpages with your first comment.... You could banned for that! :)

Kuse1824d ago

Drinking that haterade again eh?

josephayal1824d ago

I have a feeling Wii U will outsell both

misterbe31824d ago

Pre-orders are only pre-orders. Not a guaranteed sale. Some of those old Xbox fans who jumped ship at the Xbox reveal, will most likely have come back to the fold.

And adverts like, that new Xbox One, featuring Stevie G, and Spock will sway the lesser core gamer over to M$.

Chevalier1824d ago

Not sure about coming back to the fold I would wait a year before I would say that. I have a ton of preorders and most of them I'd say are going to pickup, most people who put down money to preorder want their product.

u got owned1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

"Some of those old Xbox fans who jumped ship at the Xbox reveal, will most likely have come back to the fold"

not after the "XBO can't run games at 1080p fiasco". The casual may not care about that, but the people who pre-order consoles "the hardcore" does cares about it. For a lot of people the COD Ghost situation is the last nail in the coffin. MS need to get their [email protected] together if they want all their fans back.

misterbe31824d ago

I'm sure whatever the 720/1080p fiasco turns out to be, the games will be good, on either platform.

Evil_Abed1824d ago

I'm one such Xbox fan that was swayed back into the fold after the DRM reversal. I have to pre-order however since the only next gen game available at or near launch that I am interested in is Forza 5 and I am not about to take a $500 hit for just one game.

Before people say FM5 isn't the only game available on the X1, I know this, it is just the only one in my opinion worth getting for now.

Ju1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Remains to be seen.

Price will be more important than brand loyalty for the majority of customers. Especially if Sony on top of that can advertise it's platform as the more powerful one.

MS really needs to convince people - casual gamers - it's Xbox is worth $100 more. I doubt just mentioning "kinect" will do the job, though.

Price usually won over additional features in the past. Gamers tend to like to game first. At the cheapest possible price point at the max gaming performance. I doubt this has changed just yet.

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