PS Vita Release Date and New Trailer for 'Gundam Breaker'

8CN: The newest trailer for Gundam Breaker is all about the gameplay. It's a little lengthy, but it shows off a lot of the character customization and multiplayer, along with a release date for the PS Vita version.

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Muffins12231818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Coming to America?

gunboss2011818d ago

Sadly it's gonna be hard. the PSP versions of Gundam were never Localized..

-Gespenst-1818d ago

This looks great. I wonder if there's any chance of it landing on western shores?

imXify1818d ago

Well that was funny and wierd to watch.
Lol !

Lboogieskells1818d ago

Dammit I need to learn Japanese!

Hicken1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Seeing a Zaku head on a Gundam body just feels... wrong. I feel violated.

Edit: That commentary was so uncalled for. I could only understand about half of it, but listening to it still got me all hyped up.

Death1818d ago

That was bizzare. Game looks great. Think we can import and play it on a western Vita?

Hicken1817d ago

Should be no problem. System and games are region free(will possibly need a memory card specifically for it and other Japanese games, but that's probably just needed for PSN accounts).

If I get it, I'm making an RX-79g GM Head. 08th MS Team, baby!