Microsoft thinks Xbox One is worth $500 for its extra features — even if you don’t want them

Microsoft believes that the Xbox One home console is capable of a lot more than just gaming, and the company’s chief financial officer thinks you should pay a bit more for those extra features.

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GamerXD1844d ago

See everyone? Microsoft wants us to pay for crap, for things we don't want. That's why I'm not getting an X1. M$ is all about the money, unlike Sony, there's the dedication to gaming, cause let's face it, X1 isn't a full gaming console.

xJumpManx1844d ago

Yea who could argue with a company who barely supported their psp and vita consoles.

DEEBO1844d ago

LOL support their system?
Do you know what happen to the first xbox and look at the support from MS with the 360.
MS took all of the 1st party games from the 360 and move them to the need to look at the track record of MS vs Sony when it comes to support for their systems.

Why do i waste my time with this BS!
you're right MS are the best! without them i don't know were gaming would be.
i mean nintendo save gaming from one bad company from the usa but now all i see is people praying for their downfall.
this is what gaming has come to?

Lalanana1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

You guys do not understand what MS is trying to do. Set the price at 500 bucks and make profit..then in a year or two reduce it by 100 bucks..It is hard for me to imagine sony reducing the price of the ps4 by 100 lol. They would make no money..

Not trolling..just giving my insight.

@Killjoy3000 you do know ps3 was 600 bucks originally right? lol maybe you forgot.

zeal0us1844d ago

Actually the support for the psp was pretty good. Throughout its life-span it had over 800 games and over 330million games sold (

The support for the Vita is picking up. Rome wasn't build in a day.

Stick891844d ago

If you look at Sony's track record they have always started off slow and finished strong. Consoles are marathon events and if you start off at a dead sprint, you won't make it to the finish.

abzdine1844d ago

haha not only they haven't shown any features other than talking and talking, but PS4 puts x1 to shame when it comes to performance and performance is all what it's about when you buy a console.

Kayant1844d ago


You do know that MS is not making a definite profit with XB1 at launch right. They are going to break even or at worst low profit margin. So they're not really making a clear profit. Both Sony & MS are going to be making money on games, services & accessories.

It's a better situation than Sony's rumoured $60 per box but not clear enough that prices on either console will be coming down any time soon.

SilentNegotiator1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

I didn't know we were discussing handhelds. Oh right, we aren't. +1 off-topic

The good old Microsoft motto: 'it's not about what our customers want, it's what we shove down their throats!'

AxeCain1844d ago

This is one of the main reasons I decided to go Xbox this gen. Sony teased remote play on the PS3 for a long time... if anything the PS4 is doing things the PS3 should have done.
So really its Sony that is making you pay extra coin for features...

Gamingcapacity1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

@Axe. You do know that remote play is a free feature, right?

@Lalanananana You couldn't be further from the truth. Both consoles will be around the break even mark. The reason that the PS4 is more cheaper is that Sony are an hardware company first and foremost, although MS are not bad at making hardware themselves they will not beat Sony when they are on top of their game. Sony are also very very good at remodels and reducing price.

Sony have a price lead and it will be very hard for X1 to get within $50 of the PS4 for a few years.

AxeCain1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

How is that free? I had to purchase a vita only to have it not be supported until the PS4 was close to being announced. (Apparently this is forgotten) Remote play was hyped on the PSP also. I do see where you are going with it tho GamingCap - Thanks for the response.

I feel like Sony didnt support the PSP or PSVita. I have been a long time Sony fanboy but I have been unimpressed. +Its time for me to try something different. May be good may be bad. Time will tell.

I honestly think the $500 price is justified. Both systems have their own positives.

SoapShoes1844d ago

@Qwark... You forget when PS1 & PS2 launched they were the most powerful until other competitors came.

PS1 > Saturn
PS2 > Dreamcast

Gamingcapacity1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

@Axe, I agree $500 is a decent price. Nobody should complain about the price. Yes it comes with Kinect and features that you might not use but that is what the package is.

If both consoles were $500 then nobody would be saying that's it's expensive. But Sony have done amazing to pull off the $400 price tag for that is (at least) the same power as the X1 (most likely more powerful).

PSP and Vita are well supported by Sony but because games sales on PSP were bad and Vita hardware sales are bad, publishers don't want to support it. For there to be support there needs to be a people buying the hardware and software otherwise the publishers will turn their back on it.

Edit: The feature is free BTW. Same with free apps on a phone. You wouldn't say they weren't free because you had to buy the phone. PSV is a gaming handheld in its own right, remote play is a free feature.

InTheLab1844d ago

Yeah...terrible how I have nothing to play but...

Dragon's Crown
Killzone Mercs
Lego Marvel

And Batman Origins, which I just bought today.

Poor Vita

P0werVR1844d ago

Or, you don't have to buy it.

hakeem09961844d ago

I didn't want a damn Bluray player but Sony felt the needs to charge me $600 for it when i got my PS3

gaffyh1844d ago

What do you mean barely supported? PSP had some fantastic games, and Vita has had some great first party games already, Uncharted, Killzone Mercenary, Gravity Rush, and A LOT more.

jmc88881844d ago


So a company that is making a console + kinect will be able to reduce costs faster then a company that is making a console?

Microsoft has to reduced the cost of TWO items, and from the rumors the cost of the Kinect2 is about as expensive as the console itself.

Even then what did it gain Microsoft???? They've had five years to show off Kinect tech.

After this five years (granted three playable kinect years since launch), and knowing they could show us stuff that might be ready in two years, there's literally a 7 year window of ideas that Kinect could be showcased using/prototyping. People had 2008 until now and can prototype stuff that could possibly come out in 2015. So from 2008-2015 what have they come up with?

What have we gotten? The best, and it's pretty underwhelming, but still an addition...would be audio controls.

The problem for Microsoft is that you never needed Kinect to do this sort of thing. Microsoft just sold people that they did.

In reality, this could always be done using any microphone.

Well guess what, the PS4 without a camera can use voice controls.

So what is Kinect bringing? Extra cost, for even less additional gaming utility then you previously thought.

But they have one thing in their back pocket. They can drop the inclusion of Kinect2 and compete price wise, but they don't want to. So barring a Kinect-less SKU, they'll always be more expensive and will be less able to drop the price.

JokesOnYou1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Yeah doesn't every company do this? Apple charges you more because they believe they offer a better value over most other computers, cell phones......I disagree but I dont troll apple, really that means my choice was easy I bought a Samsung G4. All in one pc's come with more and charge more than similar brand pc's. They sell professional cameras that are packaged with expensive software and lenses or you can opt to buy less expensive cameras that take the same quality pics but no bells and whistles. Guess what all these have in common?...if you dont like the deal dont buy it. I'm buying an X1 and Kinect is a big part of the reason why I like the system, again if you dont then seems like a easy choice dont buy it.

strifeblade1844d ago

Hey guys im a playstation fanboy and i am complaining about something im not planning to buy! Oh i forgot to say i am a poor son of a gun who can't afford to pay 100$ more and feel like leeching of the industry because love free games and i dont pay for S**T.

Oh i am also an xbox fanboy who doesn't give a **** what playstation fanboys think because i will actually have games to play at launch. I will be busy playing them not complaining another systems launch. lollololol. But by the time x1 launches sony gamers will have nothing to play! cant wait to see you guys on n4g! What else will u do to pass the time! lololoo0lolo

Eonjay1844d ago

Microsoft is a horrible company and you should feel bad about buying their products. But that being said, lets not forget the both companies are in it for the money. By rejecting Microsoft, we send a message to Sony that we are in control.

Our hard work produces the money to buy your system and make you millions. We owe Sony nothing. We have been giving them money for years. If they want to continue making money, they will make an effort to satisfy us. They are no better than Microsoft, they just resisted the temptation to go full retard. And if you're not born that way...

ShinMaster1844d ago

PSP had plenty of support. It was successful, selling well over 70 million units.

UltimateMaster1844d ago

Microsoft thinks Xbox One is worth $500 for its extra features — even if you don’t want them

Well of course they'd think that, they make more money off the kinect.

Magicite1843d ago

Microsoft support is worst ever when it comes to xbox brand.

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zeal0us1844d ago

Well both company are about money. Its what keep them running. Sony just does a better at focusing on their core audience. While MS.... alright you got me on that one. I've own a 360 since 06' and have the slightest clue what MS primary goal is. Currently they just seem all over the place.

Hufandpuf1844d ago

As a 360 owner, I agree 100%. MS does come strong with the games at first, but then they focus their attention elsewhere and it's like, why did I buy an Xbox again? Oh yeah games... Ooh look Netfilx!

I am getting the Xbox One though because like I said, MS comes strong with the games, and when they start slacking ill pick up the PS4.

Trekster_Gamer1844d ago

You are clueless. If Xbox was not focused on gaming then explain why Xbox has just as many games at launch plus all of the other features that the PS4 does not have.

The games look better and given how Sony tried to play catch with it's online gaming and never did, XBL will again be the best service.

Infamous2981844d ago

Micro$oft's attitude is annoying!!.

Killjoy30001844d ago


Yeah, you're right, because they wouldn't have to. a $400 price tag is something I would expect 2 years down the line, but it's here at launch. I cant believe you're trying to spin this. It's pathetic.

elmaton981844d ago

Exactly. I thought for a minute that Sony was going to announce the ps4 for $500 or more and then I heard $400 man was I overjoyed.

Killjoy30001844d ago

Yeah, I was almost positive that both consoles would be $500, and I'm sure M$ was, too. They got caught off-guard on multiple fronts at E3. They were probably more surprised than the gamers, lol.

elmaton981844d ago

Sure they were otherwise they wouldn't be going through all the shite they're going through right now.

MorePowerOfGreen1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Maybe some people don't want a blu ray drive, online or this or that.

You always pay for things you may not need when you buy something complex.

Are you here to help us make the right choice. Are you trolls mentally healthy?

Unlike Sony that doesn't offer as much is the reality and attacking a console that offers more, like it's a bad thing is fiction.

If Sony could match MSFT's offering they would do the same things. Sony's copycat devices are just cosmetic and is the reason they split the base by not offering to all, might as well lower the price while they were at it.

I'd say MSFT is more dedicated to gaming and games than Sony is right now. They spent billions building a network for their products that can enhance gaming and spent billions on studios/games. MSFT has not stop AAA's until 2015 and that's just what we know of.

Ron_Danger1844d ago

"Unlike Sony that doesn't offer as much is the reality..."

Like what?? Don't state opinions and then change the pace if your comment just to distract people from the fact that you didn't back up your own statement.

The only thing that MS is offering more out of the box is the TV functions and Kinnect 2.

Sony has the Viacom deal on the back burner and Gaiki cloud gaming (PS1,PS2, and PS3 games all streaming) in 2014.

GryestOfBluSkies1844d ago

non stop aaa's? heres a reminder of how msft supports their consoles

jmc88881844d ago

The TV and DVR functions are done better with a dedicate cable box, as well as a normal remote control.

Beyond this, you'll get voice navigation and gaming uses with the PS4.

...and you don't need a PS EYE. The PS4 will allow voice input via a regular cheap headset plugged into your controller.

So what is Kinect offering?

Again is it really important that people have an Xb1 to see a film/show on Netflix that looks exactly the same on your 360 or 10 year old PC?

Is splitting your measly 500 GB's HD space between game installs, saves, demos, AND DVR'd programs better then having a dedicated HD in a regular DVR? Generally nowadays DVR's are bigger and it's better to have two devices, each dedicated with their own purpose. using your console HD...for actual gaming related stuff?

I invite people to scan through their whole cable guide with voice compared to your remote. Then noticing the time differences. Saying 'Xbox Up channel' is far slower then hitting a button on a remote. I can only imagine trying to say that hundreds of times to get through all the channels. Even worse? As long as the above sounds like it will take, if it doesn't recognize your voice the 1st time, it will take longer.

So Ron, you are giving the Xbox One too much credit. Few need its TV functions, and those that have a choice, will choose the better interface...finger on the remote...rather then voice through Kinect.

Again as for Kinect2, most of its uses in non-kinect specific games (i.e. not Dance Dance Revolution or whatever) are VOICE controls, and you don't need Kinect or PS EYE for video game VOICE controls.

Gozer1844d ago

I don't see. Because people who don't want some of the features he X1 has are simply not buying the X1. I haven't seen not one person that intends to buy the X1 but doesn't want its features.

Killjoy30001844d ago

That's because most of the people that have been dead set on buying an X1 are die-hard Xbox loyalists. They'd pay $700 for the current console in question.

True_Samurai1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

^^^I guess you're buying a ps4 because you're a die hard Sony loyalist?

Killjoy30001844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Samurai, what I mean is, after the horrible showing at E3, the policy announcements, etc. that shook up the gaming world, the people that STILL stuck with them and supported them were undoubtedly die-hard Xbox loyalists. Point blank period. Even many hardcore Xbox players immediately jumped shit to PS4. I have never heard of a single Playstation gamer that felt the need to jump to X1 this gen. It's just unheard of.

But it WOULD have happened had it been the other way around. And I would have been the first one to switch my pre-order to the X1 had that been the case, $500 or not.

I support whoever supports me. And not once did I feel any sort of vibe from Microsoft that they cared about my rights as a consumer or my passion for gaming.

Edit: BTW, it's pretty hilarious how the same amount of people that disagreed with my comment, agreed with yours. A little mathematically coincident, haha. You can stay logged on Samurai, don't go anywhere, bud.

TRD4L1fe1844d ago

to say sony isnt about the money is just foolish. EVERY company only wants your money. Some hide it better than others

GamerXD1844d ago

@Every reply to my comment

yeah i know both are for the cash but microsoft is doing too much


dude i dont need kinect, why force me to buy it? look what sony is doing, options and what you talkin bout, sony copycat? dude you're so hilarious. azure wasn't even made for gaming, gaikai is. azure is for nongaming business, ms just found ways to make use of it for x1. one more thing, Ms aint supporting x360, just look at all the x360 games that turned to x1 games.

Killjoy30001844d ago


Yes, the PS3 was $600. And for good reasoning, too - to usher in the adoption of Blu-Ray to make games like KZ, Uncharted, God of War and GT6 possible, as well as well as HD-ifying the movie industry for physical media. 360 held back an entire generation playing it safe at launch with its old-as-dinosaur-shit DVD format.

Volkama1844d ago

As a PC gamer looking at what "held back the industry" for the last few years I'd point squarely at the RAM available in both consoles. That's the stuff that has been hurting game design.

Multiple DVDs no big deal, especially when they're just used for a 1 time install. There was no such workaround for memory limitations.

The PS3's blu-ray player has provided great value for watching movies though. Perhaps the non-gaming features of the One will provide great value as well.

Pogmathoin1844d ago

Oh what a load of crap GamerXD, get off your pedastel... remember Sony are trying to 'win' you back, because they too tried to take you for granted... Nobody is perfect, neither MS or Sony... both have screwed up, sure... but get over it... and for the record, X1 is a gaming console, and so much more... Your not even a glass is half empty kind off guy, your a glass is smashed guy.... grow up...

jmc88881844d ago

No one is perfect. Not Sony. Not Microsoft. Not democrats. Not republicans. Not independents.

Right now it's Microsoft doing it's best 'Deal of the Century' impression of the Luckup Corporation.

As such they are trying to convince us that things we already have (or most people do) is a feature you need to pay extra for.

Your cable box dvr is superior to Xbox One.
Your remote control is superior to TV voice control navigation.
Kinect IS NOT needed to implement voice controls in games, as Sony is showing us with the PS4.
Fantasy football is better on PC/Phone, and people will get pissed off seeing less of a game so you can needlessly see your stats instead of using your phone/pc like normal people. That is of course, if you use NFL.COM.

If you don't use NFL.COM for your fantasy football..which means basically everyone...then their fantasy football feature isn't useful to you.

What can Xbox One do better then...
PS4 controller with headset for voice controls
10 year old PC for Netflix/skype/apps
5+ year old DVR
Digital cable remote
Fantasy football on PC and real time phone apps

Not much. Basically nothing if you aren't into Dancing or kiddie party games. Which if you are...GREAT!!!!

But the vast majority aren't.

Pogmathoin1844d ago

So, let me sum up your big story.
You do not like MS.
X1 is doing everything you mentioned, in one box..??
If Sony implemented everything you pointed out, do not tell me you would say the same, you would drop to your knees and worship it. Its called hypocrisy...

XboxFun1844d ago

If you never wanted the extra features then you never wanted a Xbox One!

It's not like MS decided at the last minute to add the Kinect. It's like saying I want the Wii but I don't want the sensor bar. Or I don't want the controller included. It's a feature that comes with the Xbox One.

"M$ is all about the money, unlike Sony,"

Wow, and people on this site like to run around calling me and others MS apologists or MS PR persons? And yet these quotes get high fived and agreed with or just ignored.
The absolute brainwash on N4G is impressive. MS is all about money but Sony isn't??
I guess online passes for their 1st party titles and now charging for online play was out of love for their users.

"X1 isn't a full gaming console."

Yea, even though Xbox One has a better launch line up, dedicated servers for multiplayer games, and has dedicated a billion(?) in gaming, not to mention sports every feature INCLUDED that the PS4 has.

4logpc1844d ago

Not a fan of ur name, but you hit the nail on the head.

jessupj1844d ago


However many times does it this need to be said?

Obviously Sony needs to make a profit and is one of their key concerns, but they also have a clear, genuine passion for the games industry and pushing it forward. Just talk to anyone of their 1st party development teams.

And it blatantly clear gaming in MS's very last priority. I could list all the evidence but you've proved you'll disregard facts when their not convenient, so I won't bother wasting any more of my time to correct you.

XboxFun1841d ago


I just stated in my last paragraph little examples on how MS is concerned about gaming. But of course a sony troll like you can only close their eyes and repeatedly say MS isn't while providing no proof.

How is MS's priority not gaming when they have provided the same type of features as Sony and more?

I expect full spin and deflection from your answer. Please include how my name is XboxFun and shouldn't be taken seriously, then state everything else but answering the question. As the SDF usually do.

Please come right to me and express some sort of "smh" and make no comment directly at GamerXD, in fact I am sure you were one of the folks who contributed to his "well said". Another fine example of N4G's hilarious true community.

I can only imagine if I would have said the same thing as GamerXD and switched the Sony with MS and vice versa. My notifications would have exploded with people like you and Digital Raptor calling me a MS apologist or PR spokesperson.

hellzsupernova1844d ago

Well let the consumer decide weather it is worth it Microsoft

MiHX21844d ago

How did you got Well Said for this comment?

SaturdayNightBeaver1844d ago

put aside the console , they don't even have people to make them games , most of the best games out there are ps exclusives... any normal dude who wants to play games and enjoy will go with ps4 :)

ambientFLIER1844d ago

"That's why I'm not getting an X1. M$ is all about the money, unlike Sony, there's the dedication to gaming, cause let's face it, X1 isn't a full gaming console."

Yes, Sony hates money and is doing this out of the goodness of their hearts!


Trekster_Gamer1844d ago

Yeah Sony is all all about taking away features like backwards compatibility, dual booting.. Sony is a lying dishonest company. How long did it take this crap money grubbing to tell users there system had been hacked ... A freaking month... you blind trolls !!!

NarcolepZZZZZZ1844d ago

Riiiight...Sony doesn't care about money. It's all about gaming. Profit??? Pfffft who cares we're not Microsoft. Dude. The ONLY Thing sony gives two flying shits about is the bottom line. If it weren't the case they'd have been out of business as soon as the started.

Carnies and rubes. Carnies and rubes.

rainslacker1844d ago

What something is worth is entirely up to the individual. Those features may be "worth" that much on the open market, but if person doesn't want to use them, they aren't going to pay for them.

For instance, as a manly man, a pair of women's shoes may be "worth" $100 on the market. However, I don't have any use for it, so that worth is pointless to me...unless I plan on selling them on that same market.

If I could sell the features of the X1 that I don't want on the open market to recoup the money I spent on them, then it may be worth it to me to get them even if I don't want them.

For me, the X1 is not worth $500 just to use as a game machine and occasional media server. All those extra features are what's called added value, not worthwhile value. They're nice to have if they don't cost you anything. In this case though, MS is inferring that the cost is made up due to the inclusion of those extra features.

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Godmars2901844d ago

The thing is to get access all of the XB1's features, and more, you ave to pay more than the $500 you first put down.

misterbe31844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Actually the support for the psp was pretty good. Throughout its life-span it had over 800 games and over 330million games sold (

The support for the Vita is picking up. Rome wasn't build in a day.

@zeal0us Neither was Ryse: Son of Rome. :)

grassyknoll1844d ago

Skype is not an amazing feature. Every internet enabled device in my house can use it!

RadioActiveTwinky1844d ago

While not having to pay a yearly fee as well.

FunAndGun1844d ago

It is funny that the Vita can use Skype for free, but on X1, its behind the paywall.

ambientFLIER1844d ago

Can you use it for free on the PS4?

fsfsxii1844d ago

So he's saying if you don't pay for gold, you're getting squat.

MidnytRain1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

I feel equally perturbed about the PS4's paid-for online. I know it's a "great deal," but paying extra is a strain on me atm.

EDIT: @fsfsxii
But comment wasn't about locked features...


I mean in terms of price. Once I've paid for the online component I've lost the money that would have paid for a new game. I was initially hoping it'd be free like the PS3. Too much money for me either way.

fsfsxii1844d ago

The PS4 doesn't lock every feature of the entire console behind a paywall