GTA Online stimulus package won't begin until bugs are fixed

Rockstar Games will introduce its promised Grand Theft Auto Online stimulus package only after the studio has dealt with all bugs currently plaguing the multiplayer world, it was announced by the company.

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crimsonfox1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Okay...I have been backing R* though out the release of GTA ONLINE. But now... between mission payouts being cut in half and this...R* has officially, dropped the ball.

xHeavYx1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I'd rather wait until all the bugs are fixed than getting the money now and it disappearing
People still have issues with cars disappearing. That's money you won't get back

SnakeCQC1823d ago

maney DOESN'T from your banking. I've lost many characters but never the money in my bank.

inmusicutrust1823d ago


There are many issues, you are lucky that you haven't lost your money, hopefully you didn't lose your rank either! Many have had the opposite happen, they've had their character disappear, then later they were able to recover their character but lost all their money, while some have lost it all, character money and rank. The money is a make up for all the problems so far, what's the point in making it up to people if they will just lose the money in a server crash.

And to those angry about mission pay outs, rockstar hears you anf has said this is ongoing and they are working to fond a good balance. Head over to the rockstar site and be heard. They are listening.

OhReginald1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

At this point the 500k stimulus package is use less to me. I have been given more than 20 million from random hackers.

FunkMacNasty1823d ago

.... I DISAGREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

(That was more in relation to your avatar than your actual comment. Sorry cou;dn't resist - the "drive by disagreement" was one of my favorit Family Guy moments)

FunAndGun1823d ago

Hey look, the perfectly scored game upon release is still broken!

GentlemenRUs1823d ago

FYI, The iFruit app for the other devices is dead...

Unless someone manages to reverse engineer the iPhone app, We are stuck with a dog who likes to %[email protected]& everywhere...

Z5011823d ago

Then take that stupid loading screen quote down. "As early as next week"

That was last week R*

Muigi1823d ago

I didnt mean to disagree

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The story is too old to be commented.