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Tin Salamunic: There’s nothing worse than dealing with a game that carries undeserving pride and lacks any kind of originality and polish. How to Survive wants to be cool and edgy, it wants to “combine” (or should I say shamelessly rip-off) elements of other games into something fun and addictive, but ends up feeling like a sloppy mish-mash of lifted gameplay ideas crammed into an aesthetically lazy world that’s not worth exploring. Sure, it can offer small bursts of fun with a co-op partner for a while, but its counterintuitive mechanics and archaic design make it a chore to play. Even if you’re the biggest zombie fan who simply can’t get enough of the genre, you’re better of with the thematically similar and stupendously superior Stateof Decay.

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ElementX1819d ago

I disagree with this review! I am having fun with How to Survive

Psychotica1819d ago

I have watched some people play it on Twitch and it looks fun.

N2NOther1819d ago

I liked it quite a bit. My reviews is on N4G as well:

ATi_Elite1819d ago

Yeh this review SUCKS!

How to Survive is a pretty cool Diablo II/State of Decay Mash-up.

Plus it's only 10 BUCKS.

Zichu1819d ago

I only heard about this game a few days ago, I checked it out and I liked the idea. It looked like a mixture of Diablo-esque State of Decay.

When it released, I saw the reviews were around average and was a bit put off.

I think I will try it out though. Maybe it's that type of game. You either love it or hate it.

ElementX1819d ago

Go to it's on sale for $10 plus you can use an additional 25% off coupon. It's a Steam code