New Killzone Shadow Fall gameplay video shows 4 different ways to save hostages & kill Higs

OPM: After yesterday’s Killzone Shadow Fall new details & video here’s another look at the hostage level showing a number of different ways you can play it and the various options to pick. From full on assault carnage or stealthy sneaking and everything in-between, it’s surprising just how flexible it all is.

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Mikelarry1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

ah screw the hostages im sure they can afford another minute or two pay more attention to the beautiful surroundings and crisp animations. if killzone is glimpse as to what next gen is all about then let the games begin

christrules00411871d ago

Ahh yes I'm going to make screenshots from this game. I hope we can customize our PS4 like we can with our PS3. In game screenshots to our PS4 backgrounds would be amazing.

Irishguy951871d ago

Slow Motion, see through walls

Woo Advancement!

PSnation41871d ago

21 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!

christrules00411871d ago

It feels like the closser we get the longer the days get. I can't wait. #GreatnessAwaits

Genuine-User1871d ago

Wish I could say the same. I got to wait two more weeks than you guys.

Godhimself_In_3d1871d ago

I wish this was in 4k i just got my new 55inch and it is sweet 11/15/13

Mikelarry1871d ago

the jealousy of the disagrees tut tut

LEOPARD10301871d ago

The game is amazing, there are many ways to complete the missions. However I like much more the Helghast, I want play with them at campaign. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.