PS4 & Xbox One: Do We Only Need One?- IGN Daily Fix

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami chimes in on his thoughts of the console war. Plus, voice chat for Next-Gen, PS4's controller is all digital and Xbox One's manual gets leaked?

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darthv721844d ago

Consoles are like Lay's Potato chips.....nobody can play just one.

I know i certainly cant.

Unreal011844d ago

I agree. For me, PS4. Although, I really do hope Titanfall comes over, as it's the only thing appealing to me in regards to Xbox One. Failing that I'll have to settle for the 360 version.

Saints941844d ago

I don't even have to look at the video to answer that.

Of course not. We NEED competition or we'll be stuck with games are terrible that are overpriced.

rainslacker1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Like the dark ages when the PS2 ruled the industry?

Competition is good, I'll agree, but lack of competition doesn't mean that everything will be terrible. It really depends on the industry, and ultimately if the consumer will continue to pay for software. Things are never black and white in this discussion.

I will say however, with how much publishers are becoming so obviously greedy nickel-and-diming freak shows nowadays, that competition is a good thing, particularly among software makers. Just wish one of those in the competition would be more gamer oriented as opposed to investor oriented.

_LarZen_1844d ago

Would people be happy if the only phone you could buy was a iPhone? I don't think so...

Same can be said about consoles. We need minimum 2 big ones going head to head. It's healthy for the industry that they are competing for our attention and money.

skydragoonity1844d ago

I'll go with the most powerful gaming console on the planet right now

_LarZen_1844d ago

Steam Machines are not out yet. But good choice sir!

corvusmd1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, really getting both would be ideal unless one of the systems doesn't have any exclusives that you care about, which in my case is the PS4, I fully planned on buying both on day one till I found out that PS4 doesn't have any games that I care about.
That being said, PS4 is banking on having a more powerful system due to it's GPU, and XB1 is trying to go the more all around system/network they are slightly different. Although from my perspective, this also doesn't work well for PS4. Sony banked on the fact that their system hardware would be vastly superior, and so far it hasn't proven to be superior at all, let alone vastly superior. It's supposed to be more powerful and easier to develop for, so why don't we see huge disparities on day one and then the gap closing as developers get more familiar with the XB1 architecture? The fact that it's already even a competition is bad news for PS4. The "beauty" of the PS4 is that there are no secrets about how it works, it runs on things that are already well known to developers, devs making games for XB1 are having to figure it out while they are making launch titles. Not to mention that within the hardware PS4 basically just made a really powerful GPU and Ram, which is great, but those two alone will have to bear the weight of everything, XB1 has a faster processor with faster/more efficient bandwith, and a sound card that doesn't rely on system Ram...not to mention the use of better and more varied custom drivers. The hardware specs are different, but the output results end up being very very similar if not identical. So now if you only care about cross-platform games, the systems are on an even
This is the ONE area where either system dominates, and it's NOT PS4. PSN has not been upgraded at all as far as we can tell (which means that it's still not as powerful as current XBL, it's not even in the top 10 list of companies with most dedicated servers, with number 10 having 40,000 whereas MS has over 1 Mil). Even the top two launch AAA online titles for PS4 will NOT get TRUE dedicated servers, and all player functions will still be handled P2P...if they won't support COD and KZ with full dedicated server support, something is seriously wrong in my opinion.

In the end, it's an opinion thing, if you like online games the decision is obvious, if you only like exclusives on one system the decision is obvious, and if you like exclusives on both you're gonna be broke and play all online games on the XB1

p.s. This only looks at the consoles from a gaming perspective, if you also like the other features such as Kinect, Tv integration, Tri-Layered OS, APP/Support features...then XB1 is a much better rounded system. I also do not take into account the possibility of future cloud computing advantages (which btw, why do PS Fanboys always shoot this down as a myth, then get excited about Gakai game streaming in the next breath? Why would doing SOME computations to help a game out not work, but streaming whole games will???)

Hicken1844d ago

We're gamers here; shouldn't we be looking at consoles from a gaming perspective, primarily?

By the way, Sony fans don't say cloud computing is a myth. They say it's not currently feasible. And it isn't. Streaming a whole game means you don't have to worry about trying to integrate two different data streams into one cohesive, lag-free experience. That's what you'd get if you only computed part of the information locally, and other parts off-site. There's a logistical issue that has yet to be addressed, neither by Microsoft, nor by fanboys like yourself.

When will you even admit that there are problems with what Microsoft proposes?

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