'Knack' Edges PlayStation 4 Ahead Of Xbox One For Family Gamers

This is going to get messy. Distinguishing between the pros and cons of two very different systems is at best tricky and at worst ill advised. However, the families I work are increasingly asking which is the console they should choose — and yes, casual gamers early adopt too.

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vazurahan1844d ago

The dude forgot Super Mario 3D Land

MrCastle1844d ago

Zoo Tycoon will be a sleeper hit.

amnalehu1844d ago

Thats actually the only game I am interested in on Xbone! I love how they donate money to wildlife conservation as you unlock achievements.

Belking1844d ago

Most likely so. Plus kinect sports rivals will definitely be a family hit. I don't think will have the same appeal as those two titles.

N4GJD1844d ago

Zoo Tycoon looks terrible and nothing like the original, sadly. It will not be a sleeper hit. Plus, it's only going to be sold at Walmart, for just a couple months, otherwise it's only available to be downloaded. This is almost confirmation that it's not expected to do that well. You'd be insane to buy this inferior title and would only be supporting more bad games to come from an industry hell bent on profits these days.

MrCastle1844d ago

I read a few good reviews on it. I've never played the other ones though. It looks incredible and would be a nice showcase of the Kinect. And it says exclusively at Walmart. It may be available to other vendors after a few months. I am fine with a digital copy though.

Volkama1844d ago

I've said it elsewhere and got a million disagrees from the playstation faithful, but I have a younger family and I don't think they will be interested in Knack so much as Zoo Tycoon.

My 2 and 5 year old will almost certainly love building and exploring a zoo with Daddy. Older children may prefer a little more independence offered by a platformer or friendly game like Knack.

Ignoring launch games, when I have both consoles the One will be front and centre for "family gaming" because when my boys want to play games it will recognise them, and present age-appropriate content. Ryse and Dead Rising simply wont be there. These are the kind of features a responsible parent wants to hear about, it's far more important than what games are available on day 1.

Thehyph1844d ago

I'm a PlayStation faithful, but you won't get a disagree from me. I'm all about the younger players being on the console that I'm not playing :P

Almost all consoles have parental controls. I guess Kinect just makes it a bit quicker or easier.

I will say that I've seen the displays at ebgames, and the ps4 is less violent looking in the titles and ratings displayed. Maybe that's just the store I've been to though.

PrimeGrime1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

I have found it to be the opposite for me. Using Little Big Planet as an example, my younger sibling loves to play the game but does not like to take the time to build in it.

They are kids though they don't have the patience or attention span for the building part of it so I can't blame them. Of course children aren't afraid to let you know how bored they are either.

I have tried to get them into more stuff like that but they just enjoy games they can jump right into and start playing or in LBP's instance just playing the levels instead of building them.

I think they will love Knack especially it having Co-op, they really love co-op games.

To each their own though, if you can get your kids to play more intelligent parts of a game, have at it, I wish I could but unfortunately for me my little sister just does not enjoy the intelligent building aspects so much.

Volkama1844d ago

I'm not sure cleaning elephants or interacting with monkeys is complex :-)

The 5 year old will have some interest in building together, but it's not like puttng a lbp level together.

5 year old is getting into more independent or co-op games a bit. He'll go nuts for FIFA.

weekev151844d ago

Lets be honest, neither can compete with Nintendo for family friendliness.

WeAreLegion1844d ago

Yes, they can. Minecraft. The Playroom. Knack. Minecraft, alone, can keep a kid busy for months.

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