Killzone: Shadow Fall (Multiplayer Hands-On Preview) [NoSleepGamer]

NoSleepGamer writes: Guerrilla Games know they’re up against it when competing for our time in the busy arena of FPS multiplayer games. How do you encourage gamers to give you a fair shot when Call of Duty and Battlefield are so dominant? How about unlocking all the core features from the start?

All weapons and class abilities will be available without the usual grinding; enabling you to try everything and discover what combination works best for you. This is a great idea and allows for a more even playing field for newcomers against players that have been living in the servers since launch day. The XP system has been overhauled to reward skill rather than time committed to the game.

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JoGam1824d ago

I swear I am hyped for this game.

sigfredod1824d ago

You and me man, Killzowned!

emad-E-three1824d ago

Me too can't wait!
Shadow Fall will be the first game I play on my PS4 out of the other 2 games I pre-ordered (Battlefield 4 & Knack)!

xKugo1824d ago

The game looks great and it keeps that 60fps, I would say 95% of the time during any match no matter how many players. It's definitely the 1st game I'm picking up for my PS4.

5eriously1823d ago

So who are still playing KZ3 MP on a daily basis? I am!
Cannot wait for this game and all the new experiences it offers. Realism taken to a new level and at quality sttings too!