Nintendo announces Skylanders Swap Force Wii U bundle

Nintendo and Activision are teaming up for a new Wii U bundle.

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Neonridr1818d ago

Just in time for the holidays. Smart move.

cleft51818d ago

Indeed, smart move on Nintendo's part.

kingxtreme811818d ago

That's a big move by Nintendo, I think.

A bundle with "Skylanders" and "Nintendo" --a gaming brand parents trust-- written on it, sitting at $300 next to other consoles that are priced at $400 and $500 will look mighty appealing to moms and dads when Christmas shopping.

Could be a big move for Nintendo to help with sales this holiday.

Dunban671818d ago

Def good move by Nintendo- they need to let parents know the Wii U is a family console (the reason I bought it at launch but the "family" games were not there (there were too few games in all categories)

Now after a year the library is getting better and there are more family titles to be found- this bundle is really good marketing for the Wii U imo

I also think Skylanders is going to outsell Disney Infinity for the foreseeable future if not permanently

Munnkyman1817d ago

It also comes with nintendo land, that is not a bad buy