64 Year-Old Woman Sues Over Destroyed Virtual Item Worth $28,000

In the online game Lineage, you can "enchant" in-game items to enhance them. If you're unsuccessful, though, the item perishes. In South Korea, one gaming granny tried to enchant an extremely rare sword, but failed. So she sued the game's maker.

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ChrisW1820d ago

64 year-old Korean game junkie... Why am I not surprised?

TekoIie1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

"However, the court showed that the gaming granny's game log revealed she continued to enchant other items after failing to enchant the rare sword. There were also records of her failing to enchant other items as well as purchasing an in-game scroll to increase her enchanting abilities."

Something about me loves that a court treats this issue as seriously as they do XD

Angeljuice1820d ago

The sword was worth $28,000 on the open market (ie in real world terms), any court in any country would take it seriously.

I would have gone for the argument that coding for the destruction of the object after a failed enchantment attempt without providing an adequate form of insurance policy was a means of manipulating the market in an unfair and improper manner.

I would then ask to see proof of destruction and proof that the item wasn't 'stolen' or 'trafficked' in some way.

I would accuse them of stealing the item, re-branding it, and selling it on to an unnamed party whilst covering their tracks by eliminating any code used (like creating a portal, pulling the item through it, then removing the portal and all traces of its existence).

I would have 'experts' explain how it is technically possible and a disgruntled ex-employee state how he was asked to work on the code to perform just such a task.

The burden of proof is far less in a civil case, if the judge can be confused enough, there's a good chance I'd win.

Stoppokingme1820d ago

I heard Phoenix Wright is now representing her.

jhoward5851820d ago

The old lady should add them on to her life insurance...


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