Top 10 Gaming Consoles of All Time

The home based video game system has been the greatest signifier for what a "nerd" is. What would a nerd be without home video game systems? From the next gen systems of today, to the video game systems of yesteryear which collect dust over time only to be undusted when the urge comes to replay Zelda 1 for Nintendo. This is a list of the ten best gaming consoles of all time.

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cloud360-7th_account3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

im a final fantasy fan. i skipped playing any FF game 3 times. but fate made be play it anyway.

by that i mean throught my life i was given the chance of playing it. but i never did, when somone wanted to swap teh game with me i always said FF sucks or that its gay. even though i didnt play it.

then one day i was forced to swap a game with somone out of fear. i was given final fantasy x and i never played it until i was asked wer i was in the game. i went home and played it straight away

and the ocnsole i did that was on teh ps2. it was teh consoel i played the best game ever craeted.

the game that influenced my lfie heavily is on the ps2. Final Fantasy X.

what game/games made your favourite console?

Breakfast3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

psshhh....7, 8, 9 were way better than that game. All the ps2 FF's were not even close to the ps1's.

I dont have a favorite console...that crap is way to hard to say. But, i do have favourite games, on different consoles.

Bonsai12143833d ago

breakfast, its arguable that ffx is just as good if not better than 7, 8, and 9. but this ain't the place to do it. i believe there's a topic in the forums already :-p

but yeah, they listed the original xbox over the ps2. that means this list instantly fails. and he says that halo is arguably the best fps of all time. he didn't mention "console" fps.

at least he got it right by saying SNES was the best console of all time

tgh machines3833d ago

Ps2 was ahead of xbox... Anyway i hate this list it seems like a nintendo fanboy list. Wii?!?!? The 360 and Ps3 are way better then the wii.

kwicksandz3833d ago

i tend to think the most influential console in my gaming career was the n64. i must have put 1000s of hours into perfect dark multiplayer, and i can remember clear as day the Christmas morning that i opened the lovely box!

Then i remember being in absolute awe of the graphics of mario 64. It was a HUGE leap from mario all stars on SNES. Soon after my parents friends introduced me to goldeneye.... And the rest is history and sweet nostalgia!

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Spike473833d ago

xbox on top ten below PS2?

WOW, he even mentioned he hated MS just so that you would'nt think he was biased. LOL

The PS2 deserves number 1 spot.

jadenkorri3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

at least he kept the 360 and ps3 out of the list cause that would a brought up a whole lotta fanboyish crap...but ps2 should of been at least 3rd, snes and nes was the best consoles ever

lsujester3833d ago

As far as I'm concerned, everything that comes from this guy is total crap. This is the same person who said that four of the top five WORST consoles all came from Sega, including the Genesis and Dreamcast... while overlooking CD-i, Jaguar, etc. = site full of retards

cloud360-7th_account3833d ago

the person made this list when he was constapating or this is just a stupid fanboy list

mikeslemonade3833d ago

Anyone who thinks SNES is #1 I will ignore you. PS2 is #1 and if you don't think so then you are just nostalgic for the other systems.

leon763832d ago

Another nintendo-fan-stupid-list!!!!! the 2nd this week!!!! Desperate????? Wii is not what you waiting for????? Remembering the old times???? Pff...!!!!

Montrealien3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

It is a bout respect kids. First of all the Ps2 would not exist if it where not for snes. Also it Delivered and went over and above the expectation of the system, where as the Ps2 "witch I absolutely love and respect" had a crap load of empty promises that never came to light.

They both deserve a spot in a top ten list atm, the exact position each hold is relative. But this is a good list that has the right systems in the top ten list. We have seen much worst.

I just realized, this is the same guys that did the top 5 worst with all sega right? ewwwww, ok not so credible anymore, but dammit, this list is a little better but he can still never be forgiven for his horrible top 10 worst of all time.

Kleptic3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

these lists are always stupid because they are never clear on exactly why each system is on the list, and why some are not...they list things that make/made the system great...but not why its particularly better or worse than anything else...

had this just been a list of great gaming systems, in no particular would be spot on...but putting the Wii ahead of the PS2 (or PS1 for that matter) is about as off as someone can get...

SNES, PS1, PS2 should top any best console list imo...SNES for the advancements in gameplay and innovation...and PS1/PS2 for advancements in technology...the PS1 would be the top for me...but thats only my own personal opinion...

its far better than GameDaily's list a month or so ago though...Xbox 360 as the 'best console ever created'...haha, yeah seriously...even Jason 360 and POG were like 'err...wait...that is not right'...

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dktxx23833d ago

The top 4 on any top gaming console lost should be the nes, snes, ps1 ans ps2. There is no doubt in my mind that that is true. It might be a little far fetched to say the xbox is one of the top 10, and its retarded to say that its better than the ps2. The wii, nor any other current gen system for that matter, deserve to be on the list. The wii had the possibility of revolutionizing the industry, but it so far it is failing miserably. Gamecube being on there is ridiculous. Overall, this fails.

Silellak3833d ago

Isn't having both the Wii and the Gamecube on there basically like having the Gamecube on there twice?


Just kidding. I actually own a Wii, but not a Gamecube. Just had to poke a little fun.

eagle213833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

110% with every word you said. Top 4 belong to snes, ps1, ps2, and nes. In no particular order. But they reign supreme.

SNES - 49 million - insane library
PS2 - 126 million+ - freakin' enormous and insane library
PS1 - 104 million - enormous and insane library
NES - 60 million - insane library
Gameboy - all models

No one forced all these people to buy them. They all sold because they were simply the best on the market. Go look at the biggest games of all time. Biggest franchises. IGN's top 100 games of all time. Then come back and tell me I'm :)

Bnet3433833d ago

my top 3 in order

1 - SNES
2 - PS1
3 - Xbox 360