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That swan does not want to stop singing ...

Talk about a product like Beyond: Two Souls is extremely complicated. The current standards require a review of a detailed analysis of all the game content, from gameplay to an assessment of the graphics, reciting the strengths and weaknesses leaving in the background the plot to avoid spoilers. If I were to stick to this format then the last effort of Quantic Dream would need a few lines to be told. The French software house is definitely one of the most criticized by the public for the kind of game that produces, stocks that have the courage to break away from the market was stagnant with regard to the variety and emotional involvement. Beyond: Two Souls (which is nothing but the unfortunate our local translation of a much more appealing name such as Beyond: Two Souls) is the culmination of the proper expression of Quantic Dream and its leader David Cage, a product that deviates from the video game standards and interprets it in a different way, leaving in the background the gameplay to go and touch the emotional side of the player, making the protagonist in all respects. As one of those films that will remain engraved forever.

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