How Pumped Are You for COD #GhostsME‏

Activision sent a message by e-mail with a map under a name of " How Pumped Are You for Ghosts‏"

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allformats1824d ago

Not very. I'm sure it'll be a good game. But Killzone: Shadow Fall has me all hazy.

joe901824d ago

Pre-ordered on steam.I enjoy CoD and the competitive side of it. It's the quick fast paced gameplay that keeps me entertained. i like battlefield and have pre-ordered 4 just sometime 30min battles take there toll on me.

I am not arsed about dedicated servers on CoD unless i can rent 1. I want to have admin tools to keep the riff raff out.

Docknoss1823d ago

I yawn at the thought of COD

emad-E-three1824d ago

To me it won't be good its the same shit already! This time no way they're getting my money CoD is dead since that crappy MW3 though I gave 'em a last chance with BO2 and again they did not deliver!

Pre-ordered Killzone Shadow Fall & Battlefield 4, Nov.15 can't come sooner :D

Greatness Awaits!

badz1491823d ago

it's just that now more people are pumped to know the native res of Ghost on Xbone, not the game itself LOL!

Septic1824d ago

Not at all to be frank. Nothing about it strikes me as next-gen.

Visually, it looks mediocre at best. Honestly, I have to double take at some of the footage and check whether it is next-gen footage or not.

Gameplay- Been there, done that, over and over. It doesn't even look smooth from the official gameplay. The melee executions are terrible as always, the gunplay is the's just so underwhelming.

What is next-gen about this game? I actually can't think of a single thing. Fish A.I?

And I'm not just jumping on the hate bandwagon here. I loved Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and Black Ops 2 was a pretty decent (but not stellar). So no, I'm definitely not purchasing this. I will rent and review it but so far, everything seems underwhelming.

Wizziokid1824d ago

After seeing the ps4 footage there is no chance I would consider it at this point. It looks current-gen and there seems to be no real innovation.

No doubt it will still do well but I'll save my money for other games.

Mikelarry1824d ago

to be completely honest i wasn't going to get it but friends online don't wanna try killzone so i am getting both.

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The story is too old to be commented.