PlayStation Legion Review – UEFA Euro 2008

Paul W writes: " This game might not go down so well, it may bring up a few bad memories, just when we were all starting to forget. UEFA Euro 2008 has been in the works for a while, so it's just bad luck for EA that none of the home nations actually managed to qualify for this year's championships. No need to panic too much, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are all playable. You can even take your chosen team through the whole qualifying stages again, right a few wrongs. For those not in the know, UEFA Euro 2008 is the spiritual successor to last year's FIFA game. A football game focusing on the European football tournament taking place this summer, this does mean however, that no club teams are involved. ..."

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Anything but Cute3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I played the demo on both the PS3 an XBOX 360. I have both. Graphically the 360 runs a lot smoother and looks way ahead of the PS3 version.

The PS3 version does play better, I felt the 360 version felt too arcade like. In the 360 version, while playing against the AI anyway, it was a lot easier to score.

From the demo's I played, there's serious differences between the PS3 and 360 versions. No kidding.

Regardless, this is the best soccer available on PS3 in my opinion. It's a lot better than FIFA 08. The flow of the game feels more connected, like the PS2 games.

resistance1003884d ago

2 reasons why i won't pick up this

1) England didn't quailfy so whats the point
2) Its basically a modified FIFA game, and FIFA games have always been average at best. Now if it was made my Konami and based on the Pro Evo engine, then we might have a decent sport game on our hands