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Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate is a good extension of the Arkham franchise to handhelds, but it lacks the specialness or inspiration that would make it stand out as a great Metroidvania-style game - or a great Batman game, for that matter. Without any real surprises, engaging settings, or interesting story, Blackgate feels more like a retread of bullet points than the handheld Batman we truly deserve.

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kB01871d ago

Really? This fuckign ugly, boxy and jerky game play gets a 7.4......

A crappy 3Ds port that even the 3DS could have looked much prettier....

3Ds can do revelations but can't do a 3D batman...

People are really lowereing their standards.

nick3091871d ago

Armature's technical director, Jack Mathews, has stated that neither of the two versions is a port of the other, with the graphics as the only difference between the two platforms. Matthews further stated that Armature has custom tools to help generate ideally sized models and textures for each platform from a common source, and that the 3DS version would run at 30fps in 3D.[16]

kB01871d ago

None of which can be seen here, have you seen the Vita version?

The textures are blocky and absolutely terrible! Cod looks better on Vita...

Look at when he takes off the Vent cover, the textures are not optimized or resized in any way.

No texture filter or even enhancements....

It actually looks like an early gen Dreamcast game, i'm NOT even exaggerating! (I'm speaking on behalf of texture work and how stiff the character models are).

NukaCola1871d ago

Batman AOB on Vita does not look this crappy. I expected some hate for this but it's a metroidvania game so im getting it.

SuperBlur1871d ago

agreed , clearly rushed to make a quick profit. In the long run it could potentially hurt future Batman sales as people who don't know much about the industry might think it was the same guys from arkham asylum/city.

Arkham Origin is a 30$ game at best, only because it has Batman written on it.

Shinobi1001871d ago

The Revelations engine wasn't even built for Revelations. It was built for Monster Hunter and just used on Revelations. Even Capcom said it wasn't worth making Revelations because it cost too much even though they sold 600k+ copies. Capcom is one of the biggest companies in the world. Only companies like Ubisoft or Activision have the kinds of funds to build that type of engine. Armature does not. Is Blackgate one of the best looking games on 3DS? No. Does it look bad? No

kB01871d ago

Wasn't Resistance Vita done in 5 months? Yet it looked better and had better graphics thank this.


Stop defending a company simply because your their fan or a fan of the franchise.

If capcom was smart they would license their engine out, seeing as they put so much money into it...

Shinobi1001871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Resistance Vita was in development for YEARS. They were making it on a PS3 controller with a screen tied to it before they even had a Vita dev kit. Call of Duty was the one with the short dev time but it had the benefit of using the already built Resistance engine. Plus, Resistance was built specifically for Vita. Blackgate was built for Vita AND 3DS. So even though the games were built separately, they're exactly the same content wise, so they couldn't do anything in the Vita version that the 3DS couldn't handle

kB01871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Which is exactly my point, the 3Ds held back the Vita. You state they couldn't do anything int he Vita one that 3Ds couldn't handle...

If they actually took the time to built the Vita version properly, even a good Ipad HD port App would've looked better on the Vita.

The 3Ds held the Vita back in order to bring the same experience across both platforms.

We've seen the Unreal engine run on the Vita, there is no excuse why the Vita version couldn't do regular batman toned down. It does Killzone a near ps3 experience yet this it can' unreal 3 engine?


Mikelarry1871d ago

the vita version looks much better take a look at the video below

not bad i might give it a try as 7.4 is not a bad score

Shinobi1001871d ago

You are not a human being if you pass on a game featuring Batman that scores over a 7

josephayal1871d ago

dam 7.4? Def not worth $60, I will wait to get the GOTY Edition for $20

nick3091871d ago

Its not even 60 its 40, 37 on psn.

Angerfist1871d ago

Looks good to me, i was wondering if Blackgate was a special Edition but its the Handheld Version.

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