WTF?! Obama vs. Clinton in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 08

What's sad is this is only slightly more absurd than the actual primary process.

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spandexxking3829d ago

lol at Obama's intro. wrestling sucks when will they realize that no one watches it anymore.

vegnadragon3829d ago

She was too young to be Hilary.

decapitator3829d ago

Too young ? She looked way too PRETTY(and that's saying a LOT since she looks like like a tranny) to be Hillary at all. However, the Bill Cliton's impersonator looked just about right.

Nonetheless, funny stuff.

i rule3829d ago

operation chaos all the way

Tetsuryu3829d ago

For a moment there I thought there was going to be an actual match.

Here's one:

devilhunterx3829d ago

wouldnt it be cool if thats how USA started choosing its president.