Battlefield 4 - New Gameplay Footage Emerges, Showcasing A Brand New Map

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader 'Ghost Rider LSOV' has shared with us a new video, showcasing the spectacular Flood Zone map of Battlefield 4 Defuse Mode."

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allformats1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I feel like Killzone is pulling away hype from BF4. Anyone else feels that way?

I mean, Battlefield prides itself on visuals, and nothing we've seen comes close to this:

Or these:

Adexus1909d ago

Battlefield prides itself on 64 player maps with vehicle warfare.

mikeslemonade1909d ago

Just lump BF4, CODG, and KZS in the same catagory. Whichever one is better is negligible. I'm looking forward to what developers have to offer in year 2 of the next generation.

SanMarco1908d ago

Absolutely agree. I'm a big BF4 fan. And killzone is chomping away at me.

B-radical1909d ago

No way BF is more then just eye candy! BF4 is getting plenty attention killzone 4 will be the biggest killzone to release but it isn't taking much if any hype from battlefield

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Alexious1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

This video is 720p YouTube compressed. Oversampled ULTRA PC graphics was simply stunning in beta and DICE said final release would be better (probably higher resolution textures). Also, BF4 has much bigger maps and vehicles/destruction, so it's more complex.

That said, Killzone is amazing as well, I like their art style more and I'm pretty sure it will be more impressive graphically than BF4 on PS4.

I'll get KZ:SF on PS4 and BF4 on PC and enjoy them both anyway!

Kayant1909d ago

Serouisly KZ is awesome no doubt about that but comparing to BF4 is kinda harsh. First BF4 is a cross gen game, second BF4 maps will probably be two times bigger than KZ ones, third It doesn't have near the destructible environment BF will have or vehicle combat.

Also BF4 on PC in some cases as pointed out by others will probably beat KZ:SF with the right hardware.

Both look great for what they do.

Jovanian 1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Lol you comparing bullshots of a game that primarily takes place in a small corridor where they barely have to render anything?

Battlefield 4 has: better resolution, better framerate, better anti aliasing, gigantic maps with tons of non-static objects, and can actually handle 64 players and vehicles and massive buildings and what not being destroyed IN MULTIPLAYER. I've seen killzone shadowfalls multiplayer, and it is static and has nearly 10 percent of the frantic feeling that battlefield 4 has. Its like little tiny boring skirmishes compared to big open warfare of battlefield 4.

Not to mention watching killzone shadwfall footage is nauseating at times, considering how damn sluggish and slow the game is with the horrid framerate, and the fact that the weapon alone occupies at least 1/2 of the screen and blinding flashes and annoying visual effects nearly always obscure your view. Shadowfall is a seriously dirty looking game, and not in a good way. It just looks like a mess to play

Detoxx1909d ago

Better graphics is a no brainer, but they need to do Next-Gen stuff with their games

Jovanian 1909d ago

How about you define 'next-gen stuff' instead of throwing around a vague term and hoping that people think you're correct. And then after that, tell me how better graphics are not considered 'next gen stuff'

xKugo1909d ago

I'm assuming you're talking about PC BF4, because if you're talking about PS4 then it doesn't have better resolution and it most definitely will have several static objects, just like PS3 did with BF3.

On Killzone: Shadow Fall, the game isnt sluggish and hasn't been since KZ2 lmao. It's called frame-rate compression and I suggest you find a better alternative than watching all of you're gameplay videos on crap YouTube. I've seen the game in-action and it does indeed hold that 60fps most of the time, with minor drops in serious hectic moments, which is disappointing. I see you're talking about "flashes and annoying visual effects"?? Seriously dude, you're just talking out of you're ass right there. Since when are visual effects like the ones in KZ annoying?? The same effects can be seen in Planetside 2 and Crysis 3(on a much higher, in your face level) on PC and everybody loves them. I think you're trying to find something to complain about??

I'm just as much a PC fanboy as anybody here; I rip on consoles all the time, but I know when to give respect where it's due. Killzone deserves some respect for what's it doing. A 4 year old laptop GPU with a revised low-end CPU and it pushes out graphics like that on an engine designed for the PS3?? Yea...that's damn impressive to me. IDK why some of the PC players are hating on this game so much....they must be intimidated or something. Don't really get it

Jovanian 1909d ago

"Shadow Fall, the game isnt sluggish and hasn't been since KZ2 lmao."

You've clearly never played KZ2 or KZ3 or watched any gameplay footage of KZ:SF.

"It's called frame-rate compression and I suggest you find a better alternative than watching all of you're gameplay videos on crap YouTube. "

frame-rate compression to an extent gives uncertainty when determining very exact framerates, but you can generally tell if a game is running smooth by looking at the youtube video. NOTHING I've seen from KZ:SF has looked smooth. Even the stuff they've promised would be smooth, did not look smooth (multiplayer 60fps, what a crock of s&*t).

"The same effects can be seen in Planetside 2 and Crysis 3(on a much higher, in your face level)"

I disagree, and not everybody on PC loves crysis 3. Many like planetside 2, but I still don't like the volume of blinding visual effects, but KZ:SF takes that to a whole new annoying level.

I'm hating on KZ:SF because some joker came into an article about BF4, the first post as a matter of fact, claiming its superiority in visuals to BF4. I know for a fact BF4 on PC maxed out literally craps on KZ:SF so I came and called him out on it. Never said it wasn't impressive. Not once. I cited the deficits I believe to be in the game, such as the fact that all these graphical features can only be achieved when the game takes place in a tiny corridor, and at the massive sacrifice of framerate and resolution and anti aliasing and pop-in distance, but its still somewhat impressive

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Detoxx1909d ago

Next-Gen is not about graphics. I'd pick 64 players, 60 FPS, destruction + levolution and vehicle wairfare over Killzone any day. (I'm also getting Shadowfall dont hate one me)

Jovanian 1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

next-gen is in-part about graphics. Why do you think they increase the hardware specifications of the consoles with each generation? why do you think peoples expectations for graphics and performance go up with each generation?

ssj271909d ago

what battlefield 4 doing on nextgen that current gen can't do..

nothing really new.. just polished current gen graphics does not equal next gen, that is a fact and that is way the game is on the PS3.

KILLZONE SHADOW FALL is bringing many new next gen tech! and it still playing it safe. we have jet to see what nxtgen consoles can really do.

but Killzone shadow fall is indeed a true early next gen experience BF4 is current gen experience.

I do't care if you don't like the fact.

webeblazing1908d ago

mmm what is kz doing that's next gen again?

Animal Mutha 761909d ago

No. 3 previous Killzones have killzoned it for me tbh.

It would be easy to just focus on a pretty poster game.

Battlefield is about depth - It is WAR!

(although not as war as perhaps ARMA)

C0LLAT1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I feel Battlefield 4 shouldn't even be compared to COD and killzone. Yes they are all FPS but, none play like the other.

COD is more arcade style.
Killzone is like futuristic/syfy
Battlefield is more.. tactical, team based, modern, vehicular warfare, and not to mention the more realistic when it comes to battle.

this is my opinion. I'm not hating on Killzone or COD, I am just explaining they shouldn't be classified as one category.

iLemon1909d ago

Killzone looks like a beautiful game that will be played by hundreds of people online.

quenomamen1908d ago

When KZ gets 64 vehicular with destruction then maybe.

ATi_Elite1908d ago

Say what you want about KZ but when PS4 release day comes.

Battlefield 4 PS4 is gonna DESTROY KZ in sales, gameplay, DLC, and fun factor.

I'm looking forward to BF4 vs. KZ Single player mode but BF4 MP has NO Challengers!

Sure COD has it's own community but even that community will flock to Battlefield 4.

Just wait and see, Greatness is ONLY 4 days away.

corvusmd1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

@allformats Not even close KZ looks shiny and has a lot of bright lights, but at the end of the day it'll probably be like all the other KZs where the SP is a one time play through and the MP gets old quick. COD and BF4 still look like much better MP experiences in my opinion

Mini05101908d ago

hate to break this to you but the majority doesn't appear to be on your side.

Saviour1908d ago

Well battlefield 4 is still far better(Graphics and 64 players/60fps) than killzone on PC but on console killzone has much better graphics. Art style is also beautiful in killzone.

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kenna9991909d ago

Can't wait for both games

Hellsvacancy1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

A new map...... that looks pretty much like all the others, including BF3, i'm not hating......much

I just can't get excited for BF3.5, that doesn't mean i'm interested in Killzone more, I feel the same for that as I do this, it's just more of the same

I shall defo get it, i'm just hoping to see something new

annus1909d ago

Yeah, it's such a disappointment that a military based shooter has military operation based locations.

Where's the underwater and space levels? Maybe spice it up by having destruction derby levels? Or have levls where you fight on clouds, that's a true BF game, right?

Hellsvacancy1909d ago

Don't twist my words anus, am I not allowed to hope for a next gen Battlefield 2142?

Life could be so much easier for me if I was as narrow minded as you

E4t_Le4d1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Hellsvacancy just leave...

Hellsvacancy1909d ago

Some mofo who joined on the 28th Mar 2013 is telling ME to leave

C0LLAT1909d ago

I have a feeling the people that get bored of FPS style games played Call of Duty way too much, and now they don't have any love left for FPS games.

That's the beauty of Battlefield, its not just a FPS. there is soooo much more.. and try working together with friends. it makes it so much more fun, also your more likely to win.

to people that have played BF3. Of course its going to have similarities. The REAL change is going to be for console players that aren't used to the 64 player warfare at 60 frames per second.

I have to say I'm extremely pumped for Battlefield 4 on PS4.

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mcstorm1909d ago

I have to agree ive got bored of the FPS games now as its the same year in year out. I am excited for Titan fall though this game looks like it could bring something new to the FPS games.
For me I have gone for a different types of games the back end of this year and so far im loving Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost Worlds, Pokémon X and Windwaker HD. I also have Forza 5, KI and Mario 3D on pre order to help me have a good mix of games and then ill look to pick up titan fall up next year when it is out.

I also think that COD Ghosts is starting to get people interested in COD again as I know more people who have this on pre order over KZ and BF4 and to me COD looks the lest interesting.

seanpitt231909d ago

Yeah bf3.5 is not looking to good the destruction has been gimped down so much from bc2 and after playing the beta its just like playing bf3 on different maps and a horrible orange highlight comes up after someone kills you which need to be taken off immediately.

Mini05101908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

don't buy the game. simple.

And anyone can tell you to leave. It's your choice whether to listen or not. You are acting as if the newly joined users should have more respect for you because you've been here longer. lmao...

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RedSoakedSponge1909d ago

doesnt seem like theres many players on this map.

Detoxx1909d ago

Defuse game mode is 5 vs 5...

RedSoakedSponge1909d ago

really?! i thought when i saw defuse on the paracel storm map, it was packed full of players?

Detoxx1909d ago

That was Obliteration. Defuse is designed for Esports.

RedSoakedSponge1909d ago

ah i see. these new mode names confuse me lol.

Kinger89381909d ago

Why has it become so fast paced, seems like they have gone after CoD a little too much, bfbc2 struck a nice balance but i miss the real BF2

however is this is confirmed as 1080p 60fps on ps4 i may pick it up as it does look fun, i just miss the older ones

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