pCARS developer: Mantle will offer 70-80% of next-gen console performance (regarding draw calls)

DSOGaming writes: "In around 20 days, AMD will reveal more details about its low-level API, Mantle, during its Developers Summit event. And it seems that it will be worth the wait, as a lot of developers are currently praising this new API. Among those developers is Project CARS engineer programmer, who claimed that Mantle will offer 70-80% of next-gen console performance in terms of submitting draw calls."

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Maxor1821d ago

Thats nice. But this is the PC not the console. Claims of performance must be proven with facts and benchmarks. You can't just throw out a percentage and expect the PC gaming world to take it as is.

Consoles4kidz1821d ago

why? the sonygaf does, noy just on developer talk but also on anonymous sources

webeblazing1821d ago

this is why I like pc gamers. they don't give a bj to every pr that praises the product they own.

annus1821d ago

Can't wait for the flood of engineers and software devs that are on this site to tell us this means top of the line PC's are 70% as powerful as the next-gen consoles.

pennywhyz1821d ago

This game is PC all the way for me.

LightofDarkness1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Draw calls is not the only factor in GPU performance, and there are plenty of workarounds available for DX's draw call limitations, the most obvious of which is instancing. Draw calls only become a limiting factor when scaling over more than 4 CPU cores (which few games currently do efficiently) and even then, instanced assets will require only 1 draw call. If you want to draw a number of unique assets, then we'll see some performance advantages to Mantle, but I suspect the real-world performance difference between Mantle renderers and DX renderers will be 5%-10% (give or even TAKE).

clouds51821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Yeah... what does that even mean? I know my PC stuff but I have no idea what's going on here.

The key is "draw calls" I don't know what that is, but from reading the article I think it has something to do with multithreading. So I GUESS that mantle greatly improves the usage of multiple cores? To a point where it's almost as good as xb1/ps4 (70-80%).
That's what I got from that article...

But still, Mantle is an API for GPUs why does it improve CPU performance and the most important thing, how big a deal is it for DEVs to implement?
I just hope this will not become the AMD "physX", I hate stuff like that. It should make it easier for the devs, boost performance and should be available to everyone.

[E] Thx for clearing up some stuff LightOfDarkness :)

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