First GTA IV Gameplay footage this Sunday

G4 wrote: "GTA IV is almost here, but if you want to get an early look at the biggest game of the year, make sure to check out G4 on Sunday, April 27th for an Exclusive Sneak Peek.

At noon this Sunday, we'll be interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to bring you the very first Hands On Demo of Grand Theft Auto IV with a special GTA IV: Exclusive Sneak Peek.

It's an Exclusive World Premiere that will be coming to you commercial free and ONLY on G4! This is the first moment Rock Star is making game play footage available to the public and G4 is the only place to catch all the GTA goodness on your TV, with loads of bonus footage available on!

It's G4's special GTA IV: Exclusive Sneak Peek this Sunday at 12PM ET, only on G4!"

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Hydrolex3884d ago

Don't watch it a$$ holes ! can't you wait 1 or 2 more days ?

Gameplays always spoil some stuff

Anything but Cute3884d ago

Don't make me boycott you motherf*ckers. Just show the f*cken game already. It's not a national secret. WTF is up Rockstar?

I can't see gameplay, till I have the F*cken game?

RiseOfMonster3884d ago

The gameplay is so awesome that when they show it heads will explode. Saturating the market with screenshots and trailers is their way of easing people into it.

They're preforming a public service, really.

chaosatom3333884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I''ll tune in, i guess but might have some videos showing up on utube before already.

looks like it's rockstar approved.

mikeslemonade3884d ago

We waited this long so just wait for the real game but I know I will see it because it's so hard not to in the internet.

hotshot1273884d ago

i'll pass, the game is 2 days before release. i might as well expierence it in all its glory myself.

TheHater3884d ago

I second that :)
Why do I have go watch that channel, when I can Play the game all I want on Tuesday. If this was last week, or last month, then yeah, I will be sitting in front of my TV watching it.

EZCheez3884d ago

That's about all G4 will get from me.

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The story is too old to be commented.