Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate: The Kotaku Review

The worst thing Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate has going for it is its mouthful of a title.

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ruefrak1818d ago

The game definitely looks like fun. Yes, it's a rehash of the Arkham Asylum story, but so what? Isn't every Mario and Zelda game the rehashing of the same story over and over? It doesn't mean they're not fun to play.
I just wish a lot of reviewers would stop comparing handheld games to the console counterparts. Most reviews I've seen on Blackgate keep comparing it to Arkham Origins or Asylum, but why can't they just accept this game as a standalone and review it for what it is without holding it directly next to those games? This is a 2d game on a handheld. Those other games are huge 3D console games. They're not supposed to play the same and you're supposed to enjoy them in different ways.

NukaCola1818d ago


The game is a 10 hour metroidvania game with tons of exploration and unique 2.5D camera work. It's not an attempt at a massive console open world game, it's meant to be what it is and it's a really interesting game. So much dumbassery in today's media I tell you.