Batman: Arkham Origins - PS3 vs Xbox 360 Video Comparison

Watch a video comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham Origins.

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0pie1911d ago

At this point of the gen. Who care about this kind of things?

Mikelarry1911d ago

for this gen no-one cares anymore. now if it was next gen, this would have been approved within seconds. hey i love to see fanboys debate (well if it can be called that) some of them come out with the funniest comments

The Meerkat1911d ago

The one on the right is darker.
That's why I always pick the one on the left.

I'm a left fanboy. But next gen I might go right. Or I may go top if they do a horizontal split.

windblowsagain1911d ago

PS3 Is sharper.

Other then that it's close.

mkis0071910d ago

Dude I did not believe you until I watched this in hd. Lucked out with buying the ps3 version (knightfall pack).