Sony recruits journalists for "semi official" blog

If you can't beat the blogosphere, then you might as well join it, secretly, and pick up a few established writers along the way. That's what Sony is doing with website The website states: "Three Speech isn't part of PlayStation, but it does get to speak to PlayStation...

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TheMART4464d ago

Hell yeah I even saw some 'journalists' come overhere with 'articles' about the PS3 and/or compared to the 360.

Damn man, straight advertorials, paid by Sony probably. Sony you can't take away all the bad news, and now give the specs of the RSX cause it smells like Nintendo covering the specs of the Wii. They're both WIIK

Antan4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

No-one cares. Get over the RSX thing and Wii already, no-one cares. People will buy the machine for the games, not because something is more or less powerful than the others! Even if Sony did, and the RSX was inferior, so what? Looking at the launch games tells me its a very decent GPU, and judging by you being practicaly the only one bringing this up ALL THE bothered, the games are doing the talking, and talking pretty loudly as far as launch titles go. I think everyone on the planet is aware of the Wii`s "technical" limitations, and you what? no-ones bothered! only you. The Wii offers something the 360 and PS3 don`t, so give it a rest mart, your more tiresome than even i first percieved. And yet you say your not a gfx whore!! LOLOLOLOL.

TheMART4464d ago

Antan you're a dull guy with a strange view.

The Wii is supposed to be something different. THey already said themselves they woulnd't compete in next gen/HD graphics. So even if they hold back the specs people don't care.

Now 360 and PS3 are supposed to compete in next gen. Sony claims it's a powerfull system, so for us all as customers, we should care to compare them.

Seen that things like Gears of War isn't on PS3 for now 360 is on top.

DOn't you compare GPU's for PC also? I have a nice Geforce 2 card for you here. I'll just tell you it gives great graphics and you'll pay 600 Euro's, leave and see @ home what it does.


Antan4464d ago

GREAT, ill buy it!!!!! whats your address again?

xbox360migs4464d ago

So much for "three speach"!