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Holy predictability, Batman!

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CaptainPunch1821d ago

Still getting this regardless of review scores, besides GameTrailers gave it an 8.7. They're usually spot on in their reviews.

yaz2881821d ago

gametrailer review was surprisingly good.. not talking about the score. the game is more of the same but it didn't bother the guy who reviewed it. good. for me personally I loved AC so much that I was dying for another one, at that point I didn't care if it looks the same. IGN and gamespot didn't touch on the side quest and the other stuff that you can do in the game. watching their video review .. fight after fight.. seriously I thought that was everything.

anyway adam sessler review for the game was good, 4 out of 5.

GusBricker1821d ago

6/10 is still a good game according to her.

I dunno about you guys, but if one of my sons ever came home from school with a 60% on a test, the last thing I would tell them is that they did a good job.

A D- is very far from good.

LOGICWINS1821d ago

Whats "good" is relative to the person. If the son in question has a learning deficiency or has always been bad at math (scoring 30% or below) then I'd for damn sure tell him he did a good job if he got a 60. Thats a HUGE improvement.

roadkillers1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

So what you're saying is that the people at Warner Bros. have a learning deficiency? Or that all there past games blow? Not sure I am following...

Edit: I do understand what you are saying, if someone had a 30% and then did a 60% that would be in line for "Nice improvement" followed by "keep trying you'll get there." This is a brand new studio though, so it is like throwing a kid into the 10th grade. They had some big shoes to fill.

LightofDarkness1821d ago

Nah, 7 is good. 5-6 is below average to average, 4 is bad but not broken; 1-2-3 is varying degrees of brokenness/incompleteness.

MYSTERIO3601821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

So glad i gave this game a chance i so don't regret it.

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