Yoshida on DS4 Working With PS3: Start And Select Button Mapping, Buttons And Sticks Compatible

Shuhei Yoshida via his personal Twitter account has shared some new details about working of Playstation 4's DualShock 4 controller with Playstation 3.
For those who are unaware of few PS3 works with DualShock 4 controller although only limited funtionality.

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MAULxx1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Only buttons & sticks work with the PS3.
What does this mean exactly?
What else would you need?

christrules00411819d ago

The lightbar turns off when it gets connected plus the ps button doesn't work so say you want you to look at your friends list you need a second controller or say you wanna send a message on psn you need a second controller.

I am using the DS4 and it's a great controller for the PS3. Oh yeah and if you pick up a Dualshock 4 controller it has to be wired as well. It's a 3.0 usb so your current ps3 usb won't work because it's fatter then the 3.0.

neoMAXMLC1819d ago

Why would it need a 3.0 cable if the PS3 doesnt even support 3.0?

badz1491819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )


sorry I pressed disagree but you're actually correct. I clicked "intelligent" for a change. the PS3 only has USB 2.0 so any Android charging USB cable will do actually.

MAULxx1818d ago

Micro USB? I'll have to see if I can find an adapter. Mini to micro usb.

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DEEBO1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

But don't it ships with the usb cable you need?

Ju1819d ago

My guess is, the cable comes with the PS4 not the controller(s) - same as DS3/PS3.

ipach1819d ago

pretty much any non-iphone smartphone charge cable will work as well

DEEBO1819d ago

I was thinking that myself.

xKugo1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

How does the controller feel? If anyone who already has it could answer that, it would be great.

I plan on picking one up sometime today if they're not sold out.

christrules00411819d ago

It feels a lot sturdier then the DS3 does. The thumbsticks have a bit more resistance I find. The triggers are really responsive as well. With the touch pad you can tell when you click it and it's a really smooth surface. I used to use control freeks on the DS3 and with the DS4 I am playing the exact same way without them. It's a really good controller. Make sure to have a micro usb though.

HAC5221819d ago

Thank Jebus they made it into a Micro USB.
I lost or broke my last DS3 compatible USB probably about a year ago. Recently, after i brought my controllers to my friends house, i couldn't play (or use) my PS3 for about a week until someone let me borrow one so i could re-pair them.
Now, I can just use one of the 50 Micro USB's i have for my cell phone!