See Dualshock 4 Controller being connected to a PC without any hassle

GearNuke: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida had confirmed that Dualshock 4 controller will work for PC but we never knew how it will actually work. A new video shows the controller being connected to PC and working out of the box.

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xKugo1821d ago

Great..I plan on picking up one of these pretty soon just for my PC set-up. Really hope that there is great support for it from developers across the industry, because the only genres I plan on playing with KB/M are FPS and RPG/MMORPG games. Everything else like action, 3rd person shooter, exc. will be played with my controller.

Excited for this next-generation of games. :DD

Spinal1821d ago

I hope that games automatically detect the controller and change the button layout like it does with my PC-360 controller.

and just like you this is good for 3rd person action games obviously k/m is for my BF4 and what have you :)

Rynocirator1821d ago

I know for a fact that games like FFXIV:ARR on pc automatically detect 360/ps3 controllers (when set up using a driver that emulates a 360 controller) and have button layouts for both a/b/x/y and x/circle/square/triangle...So I think it is safe to assume they were already on that page when they developed the game and I think it is also safe to assume a lot of games that are in development are already working on it too.

Sideras1821d ago

I hope so too, but that's all up to the developers and ofc the amount of support from Sony, hopefully they'll release first party software for this, wireless dongle and all that.
I played Dark Souls with the 360 controller, and what a piece of crap that was, it might work for shooters but for everything else it's a clunky piece of crap.

Starbucks_Fan1821d ago

This is available at some Gamestop stores right now.

Ausbo1821d ago

not sure why anyone would want to plug thier ps4 controller into a pc.

Mouse and keyboard are the best. But if you want a controller for shooters, xbox controllers are better for those.

xKugo1821d ago

I don't care about what's better unless it's FPS or RPG genre. I'll still be more comfortable with a controller for quite awhile because I've only been playing on KB/M for 4 months compared to over 12 years on controllers. Playing with them is in-grained into my brain.

Also, I think you're living on the past with the controller argument. From what I've heard, the DS4 is better than the XB1 controller with the improved triggers making a really great impression across the industry whilst people have said that the controller doesn't feel nearly as good as the 360 controller and the RT and LT buttons are extremely awkwardly placed. The DS3 was already better at every other genre besides FPS and now it appears that the field has been leveled with the shooters, which would make the DS4 the best controller on the market. Honestly, the only thing you have are the impulse triggers, which quite frankly is just a distraction. But that's just my opinion...

zep1821d ago

do you ever heard of emulation?

AndrewLB1821d ago

I use my 360 controller with my PC for emulating PS2, PSP, and other retro games because some of them just don't feel right with a keyboard/mouse.

If the PS4 controller works with PC well, i may grab one, but chances are it will be nowhere near as compatible as an xbox controller.

Rynocirator1821d ago

Have you played games like dark souls on pc with a kb and mouse? It's miserable. I am a pc guy, and always choose kb and mouse over controller, but for dark souls 2? I am using a DS4.

zeroskie1820d ago

You're just ignorant. Try playing Arkham with a keyboard or mouse. Or Dark Souls.

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come_bom1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Dualshock 4 works with the PC from the get go... X1's controller only works with the PC next year when Microsoft releases their drivers. Even for THEIR OPERATING SYSTEM WINDOWS the X1 controller will only work in 2014.

Another f**kup in a long list of f**kups by Microsoft. It looks like they are intentionally trying too lose next gen console sales.

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MasterCornholio1821d ago

I really would love to know if this controller is compatible with android tablets.

Nexus 7 2013

Starbucks_Fan1821d ago

It will work on my Macbook also!!!

SniperControl1821d ago

I have been using my DS3 via motionjoy/Xpadder for years. I am really hoping devs get behind supporting the DS4 on PC games in the future.

Gster1821d ago

Hi, what usb cable would I have to purchase to use this on PC. Because I believe it doesn't come with a usb cable when bought seperately. The connection on the usb cable going into the DS4 on the video seems a lot bigger than the one used for the DS3. Anyone any idea, tnx

M-M1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

USB Micro B.

Gster1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Hi M-M,
Is this the one? Its a usb 3.0 A to Micro B cable.

M-M1821d ago

No problem, that's the one. It was confirmed by Shuhei on Twitter today.

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