Strip Demons to Save the World in Intense New Akiba's Trip 2 Trailer

Hardcore Gamer: Akiba's Trip 2 is absolutely insane. Set in Akihabara, the game is about stripping the clothes off of bloodsucking demons to save the world. The forty-something second trailer features plenty of stripping action, which apparently is carried out by beating the crap out of the demon.

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cl19831847d ago

I'm not seeing the trailer

ChaosKnight1847d ago

Sorry about that -- fixed!

cl19831847d ago

I was talking about the site it self

Snookies121847d ago

Hahaha, wtf? Oh Japan, you amaze me with your crazy awesomeness... :D

HarvesterOSarow1846d ago

Never would have imagined a game would release where kicking the crap out of girls knocked their clothes off. Oh wait, this is Japan where anything is possible through video games!