Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate with graphics criticism

Product-Reviews writes: To us, it doesn’t look that bad and certainly nothing that would warrant a bad review. Gamers can be harsh critics though as we all know, so it will be interesting to see what the Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate user review score is going to be on Metacritic once the game is out.

Does the PS Vita hardware deserve better than this or not?

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tr00p3r1845d ago

It's a shame that developers haven't reached the full potential of the PS Vita yet.. this may be a bad game to max hardware, but they only need to look at the likes of Uncharted GA, or even newer games like Killzone Mercenary to see what is possible..

On topic though, I think this doesn't look too bad given the nature of gameplay. Hopefully developers give the PS Vita more love in 2014.

porkChop1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

The graphics definitely could have been much better, but the game doesn't look bad by any means. The graphics are fine, certainly not bad enough to warrant a poor review.

iceman061844d ago

I totally agree. Devs really need to consult those that have made graphically impressive games on the Vita. I hope that this doesn't become a trend for upcoming Vita games. As you said, doesn't look bad but could look a hell of a lot better by Uncharted and Killzone standards.

1844d ago
hard joe1845d ago

the dev used lowest denominator
it's cheaper that way
than to make a game for every system

bjmartynhak1845d ago

At least the game performs well. No framerate issues so far.

_FantasmA_1840d ago

Why don't they make a game on the better hardware so they can make the best version of the game and then just scale it down or remove things to fit the weaker system? Greedy bass turds.