Activision deserve to copy Rock Band

OpinionDebug writes:

"Well the first details of the imminent Guitar Hero 4 have begun to trickle out of Activision, stating that Guitar Hero 4 will feature drums and vocals…hmm, this seems familiar. While this is just a rumour it is backed by some reliable sources, including Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. Ok, this sounds like Rock Band, a lot. I mean really, couldn't they have thought of something slightly original - a didgeridoo controller for example? However I think Activision are entitled to copy Rock Band and its peripherals."

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CyberSentinel3884d ago

I loved the boss battles in GH3. I know some people did not, but I think the idea of battling real life rock stars, 1 on 1 was an AWESOME idea. More of this, with "real recorded battle rifts" from the actual artists themselves, would be an awesome challenge to me. Followed by a few words from the artist upon completion/win.

Keep It Real, Don't Steal, Activision.

kapedkrusader3884d ago

Harmonix invented Guitar Hero and Rockband. If anything all that Activision has done is legally bind me from using my Les Paul guitar with Rockband on the PS3, even though it's possible on the Xbox.WTF? Activision should stop buying IP rights and just come up with a concept of their own.

MyNutsYourChin3883d ago

First of all, Rockband is a second attempt at a blockbuster rhythm game by Harmonix. Secondly, Rockband has expanded the rhythm game concept to include drums and a mic, this is not innovative or unique. Thirdly, Harmonix sold out by letting the douchebags over at MTV have a hand in their money maker.

In my opinion, Activision has every right to expand the instrument selection of Guitar Hero. However, it's not really "Guitar" Hero anymore, is it?

For all it's worth, I think Rockband blows. Harmonix consists of a bunch of sellouts since they allowed the superficial f*cks at MTV to sponser Rockband. And Guitar Hero IV is going to seriously kick some ass...unless they sellout too.