Gaming Demand: Halo 3 Snipes GTA4; Wii Still Dominates Consoles

In less than two weeks, crime will run rampant in the streets. Crime bosses will come to power, assaults will be made with deadly weapons, and thousands of autos will undoubtedly be stolen. Luckily the only thing harmed will be pixels. On April 29th, Rockstar's (TTWO) newest episode in the Grand Theft Auto series hits shelves. The hype around Grand Theft Auto 4 has been immense, but the real question is: does hype translate into sales?

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himdeel3883d ago

...but hype can be directly related to disappointment and a journey back to your local video game shop to make a trade it for something else.

gabeh10183883d ago

Wii will always be in demand and sell as long as its available.

having said that, bands like Linkin Park & N'Sync can sell millions of records, but does that necessarily make them the better choice of music?

its all about preference, sales don't mean squat to me..

all i know is im going to be buying GTA IV and enjoying it. No article is going to detract me from enjoying the experience that is GTA!!!

KeiZka3883d ago

You, sir, said it the best. Personal preference, as long as one doesn't come and flaunt one's personal preference to others.

Have a bubble.