Roxas And Ventus Teased For Kingdom Hearts III

Series creator Tetsuya Nomura drops more tidbits on Kingdom Hearts III.

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serratos271872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I'm guessing Ventus will make an appearance in KH3. He has to be one of the warriors of light. If Aqua comes back then she will search for her friend.

vishmarx1872d ago

im really hoping for a multi-character/multiplayer arena mode for this..
with a full roster of all major kh characters

crxss1871d ago

they're obviously coming back. i hope the intro to KH3 does a really nice job connecting all the previous games as kh2 did. i'll definitely need a refresher

trenso11870d ago

Roxas coming back is obvious because he and Sora reunited at the end of KH2 and Ventus needs to return since he is probably one the warriors of light.

serratos271870d ago

Lol I was thinking people were doubting his appearance so I was pretending to follow the crowd lol. I didn't even know this was in question.

Snookies121871d ago

Even Xehanort! That old bugger... He just won't quit will he?

DEATHxTHExKIDx1871d ago

Geez even him and in more more ways than one.

roadkillers1871d ago

Playing KH 1.5 after 10 years. The one thing I have noticed is that Sora has grown a lot from a innocent child to a full fledged hero. KH3 is going to be ****ing epic.

ErryK1871d ago

Nomura's answers aren't even answers...

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