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Fishy Fingers3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Sadly the quality isn't very good. But there's some good stuff in there, figured Id share.

sonarus3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Yea there is some good stuff. Beta better not disappoint this Friday. I thought ppl said you couldnt do over the shoulder cam online. It appears the guy in first video is using it but maybe it is only for grenade launchers

Fishy Fingers3883d ago

I thought that was the default cam for aiming in MGS and MGO. I think you select that and then its hold R1 to go FPS.

sonarus3883d ago

Actually its L1 for fps mode. But what previewers said was no 3rd person mode only auto aim and fps mode. The game looks fantastic by the way. I think the running speed is fine i am sure it is just one of those issues you have to learn to get used to. Game sounds fantastic can't really see the video quality is quite bad. Can't wait to play the beta.

Fishy Fingers3883d ago

ah cool, cheers for correcting me, and I agree, cant wait until Friday. Free game for the weekend. :)

Violater3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Switching from 3rd to first person on the fly is a real plus for me.
And the audio is awesome

jwatt3883d ago

I heard one review say that you can't run, I see alot of running in these video.

The gameplay looks better than I expected but I really hope we can talk while in-game because I was expecting to hear some people talk.

sonarus3883d ago

Yea the whole d pad for voice commands is going to get abused heavily and get annoying

xionpunk3883d ago

headset support was confirmed wasn't it?

thePatriot3883d ago

but the awesome graphics shine through. lets go beta.

hazeblaze3883d ago

Yes, mic support was confirmed on the playstation blog Q&A.

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Real gamer 4 life3883d ago

OMG!! i already love the gameplay! the way you can switch from fp to third person, the running the style has me hype. I will upragde my preorder to LE.

jwatt3883d ago

I like the third video, he was getting busy with that sniper rifle and did you see the way he jumped of the ledge, that was hot!

thePatriot3883d ago

how people move at the speed in which people move in real life. super awesome. I wanna see some capture missions gameplay (havent seen all the videos yet) I remember old mgo. you would wait for the countdown and they you would have your base stormed and they would capture the duck (or frog) and take it to their base and it would just go back and forth. pure awesome, as the clock you count down to 2 or 3 almost always. and it was so nerve wrecking.

TruthBTold3883d ago

I need to see this in HD. The gameplay looks like its gonna be fun. Snipeing seems like its going to be fun to do but annoying it someone gets you in their sight

thePatriot3883d ago

that will allert you if someone got you in their sights or shoothing at you.

CaliGamer3883d ago

This is just like MGO for MGS3, that was very fun. Hope to see you all on there, wish it hadn't gotten delayed but we can't win them all.

thePatriot3883d ago

and all other cool maps. Hope there is no kill cam. in a game where you need to be stealthy, thats a no go.

niall773883d ago

I ....want ...METAL.... GEAAARRRRR!!

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