Start Whistling Dixie!

So you've cleared another house of Nazi's, taken control of another French town, defended Stalingrad from waves of incoming German stormtroopers! Isn't it about time you gave Fritz a break and shot at somebody else for a change?

How about immersing yourself in the intensity, carnage, and chaos of the war that divided an entire nation! Experience real American history brought to life in the first ever first-person action game based on the Civil War. Play as a Confederate or Union soldier in America's most historic battles including Gettysburg, Bull Run and Antietam. Use authentic firearms, fight in intense hand-to-hand combat, place explosives, sabotage enemy artillery, destroy buildings, and more!

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vettle14460d ago

ill be watching this, too see what others say first.

FadeToBlack4460d ago

They apparently have added no visual inmprovements to the 360 version besides running in HD. This game better cost $29.99

Dlacy13g4460d ago

gameplay wise this has me a little excited. I mean its not a WW2 game which is a refreshing change. Graphically though this game reminds me of Gun to a certain extent. Just not all that and I won't pay $60 for an prettied-up xbox game..which the Gun 360 version was .