PC Zone: Alpha Protocol First Look

From Bond's first glowering stare across a baccarat table all the way to Tom Cruise whining like a baby and sticking explosive chewing gum on a fish tank - the international spy thriller has been a cornerstone of popular culture for decades. So why has it never really translated to games? Only one Bond game was ever any good and the rest were a sequence of gaudy car crashes and poorly clipped death animations. Other stabs at the genre were late-'90s shooters with internationally themed levels ("Wow! A Chinese sewer!" "An underground base in Mexico? Awesome!"). In fact, the closest people have come to matching a Bourne or a Bond is Deus Ex, with only internationally hubbed adventures like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis treading on its coat-tails.

Well, no more. Not if Obsidian have anything to do with it.

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Siesser3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I'm actually really excited about this game. I'm not a fan at all of RPGs, but there are two to three coming out this year that actually have me considering giving the genre a try; this title here, and The Agency. I've always liked and appreciated the scope of an RPG, but can't bring myself to bear the time it takes to finish half the things, the inane side quests to make headway, or that success is based on chance and stats, and not skill. This and the Agency seem to be more action based, but supposedly hold on to their RPG roots. Dare I say, this may be a gateway game for me :P.

Hopefully, it doesn't take 100hrs to complete. I just don't have the patience for it. I think I only made it halfway through Okami (which I loved, btw) for that reason.