Xbox One Tour: Road To Launch Orlando Event

Major Nelson is taking the Xbox One on a tour around the country to give gamers a chance to play it ahead of its release. I got to attend his stop in Orlando and came out of it with some decent pictures and video of Forza 5 being played on the floor of the Microsoft Store.

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DeejayKnight1845d ago

Basically! Can't wait til the 15th!

hello121845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

I not saying its true, but the PS4 has the potential of overheating. No xb1 game shown yet has crashed the system or lagged to a stop.

PS4 has had two instances already and they've barely shown it to fans.

E3 honestly whats going on here!

I think this was covered up and indeed overheated. We'll see but i wouldn't be confident it wouldn't happen again. The xb1 half the console is a fan. The PS4 looks not at all well ventilated

DeejayKnight1845d ago

From what I'd heard, the recent overheating was in a plastic case that had no vents and it cooled down and booted no problems later.

Was that incorrect?

hello121845d ago

Excuses were likely made by Sony. Two instances of the console overheating we know about. It may turn out to be nothing, but i be slightly worried if i was a PS4 buyer.

DeejayKnight1845d ago

I've seen PCs the size of the PS4, so I'm not worried at all. :D

ger23961845d ago

Your obviously not buying one so don't worry about it.