PS Plus exclusive: Destiny of Spirits Beta Emails Going Out

Destiny of Spirits™ players from around the world work cooperatively in turn-based action to battle fierce bosses to unlock an expansive virtual world.

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dbjj120881817d ago

I'll check it out on Vita.

3-4-51817d ago

So how is it ? Anyone play yet ?

sinncross1817d ago

should have made it for ps+ like in EU.

I have played it. I think the artwork is nice.

battle mechanics is basically like a basic ATB system in FF.

your 3 spirits and you have fight have the bars that full up. When full they will automatically attack. You can choose which target they attack. Creatures come with a battle skill which you cna activate if the creature has (forgot the word) but enough MP to unleash it.

Some of these will do damage, some of these are buffs etc.

Some spirits have like support skills which I believe remain active the entire fight. I am not sure if this is for the leader only (need to play more).

and that is about it in terms of combat. I think its decent enough. Some battles are already getting tough and Im not evne an hour into it.

will play more and see if strategies in fight start to change etc

1817d ago
ftwrthtx1817d ago

Regular email sent to the email tied to my PSN account

porkChop1817d ago

What region is this for?

porkChop1817d ago

Oh ok, thanks. Haven't gotten mine yet.

ftwrthtx1817d ago

I seem to be on the first batch of emails that get sent out for anything Sony related. LOL

nikrel1817d ago

WAY to much to do to get started, kind of daunting.

kB01817d ago

finished downloading

No time to try it till tomorrow.

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The story is too old to be commented.